The Eagle Inside of Me


This is a story about the dignity of animals, freedom, and love.

I Really Want Strawberries

A snail heard that there were strawberries on the east side of the forest. So, he sets off. He met with many animals, but he was too small, and he crawled so slowly. He was worried that other animals were going to the east side of the forest to eat the strawberries, so he crawled as fast as he could. Days and nights passed. He was finally there, and there were lots of strawberries!

Who Ate My Persimmon

秋天剛到,奶奶的柿子就被偷吃了,她在樹旁發現了大大小小的腳印,從強壯的野豬、到活潑的小鹿,再到小小的老鼠…… 奶奶與各種臆想中的動物們鬥爭,她的生活也變得熱鬧起來。 所以,當她保護了柿子,趕走了動物們,高興過後卻有些失落。 於是,奶奶做了一個暖心的舉動,把樹上剩下的柿子留給了動物們。
My grandma lives alone and she has a persimmon tree. When autumn arrived, she found that someone had been stealing and eating her persimmons.
This book is illustrated with creative ink superimposed textures such as clothes, wool, paper cuts etc., combining traditional techniques with modern craftsmanship.

A Falling Whale

A flurry of sand and stones flew away, and the sky rumbled loudly. What is this noise?
一陣飛沙走石,天邊傳來了轟隆一聲巨響。 這是什麼聲音? 森林動物們紛紛跑出家門:但是雨已停,地沒震,天沒塌,那到底是什麼聲音? 只有飛得高、看得遠的鳥兒知道——天上掉下了一頭鯨。