The Eagle Inside of Me

The Eagle Inside of Me

Author: Xi Yuke

Hardcover | 44 pages | age 4+ | Poplar | April 2022

World rights available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


A wild eagle captured by hunters and imprisoned in an impenetrable brass cage. The eagle is seen in the story through the eyes of a brass cage. The eagle pounced on the brass lock with its beak, dug a pit in the concrete floor with its claws, and used all of its strength to crash into the brass cage, attempting to escape but failing. The brass cage was distressed to see the eagle deteriorating from mighty to thin by the day, and persuaded the eagle to give up the fight and enjoy life in the cage. Will the eagle make a concession? What psychological effects does the brass cage have on eagles?

This is a story about the dignity of animals, freedom, and love.

About the Author

Xi Yuke, real name Liu Hangyu, is a writer and freelance painter who was born in the north of China in 1993 and now lives in the south. He primarily writes novels and children’s books. His novel has been published in magazines such as Juvenile Literature, October Juvenile Literature, Reader, Children’s Literature, and others. He has received several awards, including the Bingxin Children’s Literature New Work Award, the 2nd Bronze Sunflower Children’s Novel Award, and the Jieli Cup Jinbo Early Childhood Literature Award.