A Falling Whale

A flurry of sand and stones flew away, and the sky rumbled loudly. What is this noise? The forest animals fled the house, but the rain had stopped, the ground had not trembled, and the sky had not collapsed, so what was that sound? Only birds that fly high and can see far away notice when a whale falls from the sky.

The creative medium for A Falling Whale is traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain, and the original manuscript is a blue and white porcelain plate painting fired at a high temperature of 1300 ° C. The image makes use of a unique blue and white space to tell a beautiful and moving story about life and love.

-The Most Beautiful Book in China 2020
-The 7th Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award, Book Award
-The Bronze Sunflower Picture Book Award


《天上掉下一头鲸》使用了中国传统青花瓷作为创作媒材,原稿使用经过1300°C高温烧制而成的青花瓷版画。画面运用独特的青花蓝与留白讲述了一个唯美动人的故事,蕴含着关于生命与爱的思考。 青铜葵花图画书奖获奖作品,非遗传承,作品运用中国传统青花瓷烧制方法完成,呈现出丰富而具有肌理质感的视觉效果超长拉页,视觉冲击。

“这是一本设计感非常强的图画书,作品原稿运用中国传统青花瓷烧制方法完成,呈现出丰富而具有肌理质感的视觉效果。 页面设计富有节奏感,作者恰当地利用了不同结构和形态的反差,营造出作品优美舒展的氛围,别具一格。” ——《天上掉下一头鲸》获奖词