A Falling Whale

A Falling Whale

Author: Xi Yuke
Hardcover, 40 pages, age 3+
Daylight Publishing House, September 2019

Rights sold: French

English translation available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


A flurry of sand and stones flew away, and the sky rumbled loudly. What is this noise? The forest animals fled the house, but the rain had stopped, the ground had not trembled, and the sky had not collapsed, so what was that sound? Only birds that fly high and can see far away notice when a whale falls from the sky.

The creative medium for A Falling Whale is traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain, and the original manuscript is a blue and white porcelain plate painting fired at a high temperature of 1300 ° C. The image makes use of a unique blue and white space to tell a beautiful and moving story about life and love.


-The Most Beautiful Book in China 2020
-The 7th Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award, Book Award
-The Bronze Sunflower Picture Book Award


Xi Yuke, real name Liu Hangyu, is a writer and freelance painter who was born in the north of China in 1993 and now lives in the south. He primarily writes novels and children’s books. His novel has been published in magazines such as “Juvenile Literature,” “October Juvenile Literature,” “Reader,” “Children’s Literature,” and others. He has received several awards, including the Bingxin Children’s Literature New Work Award, the 2nd Bronze Sunflower Children’s Novel Award, and the Jieli Cup Jinbo Early Childhood Literature Award. He has written a number of works for children, including I Really Want Strawberries, Who Ate My Persimmon. For more works from the same author, please visit HERE.






《天上掉下一頭鯨》使用了中國傳統青花瓷作為創作媒材,原稿使用經過1300°C高溫燒制而成的青花瓷板畫。畫面運用獨特的青花藍與留白講述了一個唯美動人的故事,蘊含著關於生命與愛的思考。 青銅葵花圖畫書獎獲獎作品,非遺傳承,作品運用中國傳統青花瓷燒制方法完成,呈現出豐富而具有肌理質感的視覺效果超長拉頁,視覺衝擊。


這是一本設計感非常強的圖畫書,作品原稿運用中國傳統青花瓷燒制方法完成,呈現出豐富而具有肌理質感的視覺效果。 頁面設計富有節奏感,作者恰當地利用了不同結構和形態的反差,營造出作品優美舒展的氛圍,別具一格。 ——《天上掉下一頭鯨》獲獎詞


西雨客,本名劉航宇,寫作者,自由畫師,1993年生於北方,目前在南方生活。主要創作小說和圖畫書。小說見於《少年文藝》《十月少年文學》《讀友》《兒童文學》等雜誌。曾獲冰心兒童文學新作獎、第二屆青銅葵花兒童小說獎、接力杯金波幼兒文學獎等獎項。 已出版多部兒童文學作品,代表作《你的腳下,我的腳下》曾獲「青銅葵花小說獎」金獎。圖畫書作品《天上掉下一頭鯨》獲第二屆「青銅葵花圖畫書獎」行雲流水獎。 查看作者更多作品:link

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