I Really Want Strawberries

I Really Want Strawberries

Author: Liu Hangyu
Hardcover, 32 pages, age 2-4
Jieli Publishing House, April 2014

Rights sold to: 
Indonesia, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan

English translation available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.
A snail heard that there were strawberries on the east side of the forest. So, he sets off. He met with many animals, but he was too small, and he crawled so slowly. He was worried that other animals were going to the east side of the forest to eat the strawberries, so he crawled as fast as he could. Days and nights passed. He was finally there, and there were lots of strawberries!

About the Author

Liu Hangyu is a writer and freelance illustrator who keeps up with childlike innocence. He was born in 1993. 

His works have received numerous awards, including the 2014 Bingxin Children's Literature New Works Award, the 2nd Bronze Sunflower Children's Fiction Award, and others. Several works of children's literature have recently been published. I Really Want Strawberries was created using gouache, collage, and other media. He planted a lot of strawberries in autumn and spring to make this cute and childlike picture book, and he carefully polished the work as the strawberries grew. The childlike picture depicts the passage of time, the growth of plants, the persistence of small snails, the importance of timing, and the choice of "self" in the short and pithy text. 

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