Who Ate My Persimmon

Who Ate My Persimmon

Author: Liu Hangyu
Language: Chinese
Hardcover, 32 pages, age 2-6
Jieli Publishing House, November 2020

Rights sold: Indonesian

English translation available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


My grandma lives alone and she has a persimmon tree. When autumn arrived, she found that someone had been stealing and eating her persimmons. She found large and small footprints near the tree, from strong wild boars to lively deer, to little mice…

Grandma struggles with all kinds of imaginary animals, and her life becomes lively as she is engaged in finding all possible ways to protect her persimmon. Finally, she succeeded in driving away all the animals. She was very happy. However, she was a little disappointed and felt lonely after that.

At the end of the story, Grandma decided to offer a kind gesture, leaving all the remaining persimmons to these uninvited guests. She felt happy again. This book is illustrated with creative ink superimposed textures such as clothes, wool, paper cuts etc., combining traditional techniques with modern craftsmanship.


Liu Hangyu is a picture book author-illustrator and children’s literature writer who was born in 1993. He is the author of several picture books, including I Really Want Strawberries, A Falling Whale, Climbing Trees, and the novel Under Your Feet, Under My Feet. He has received the 2020 Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award Annual Book Picture Book Award, the 2020 China Most Beautiful Book, the Bingxin Children’s Literature New Work Award, the Bronze Sunflower Children’s Novel Award, the Jieli Cup Jinbo Children Literature Award, and the Picture Book Times Award. For more works by the same author, please visit here.


接力出版社 ,2020年11月




秋天剛到,奶奶的柿子就被偷吃了,她在樹旁發現了大大小小的腳印,從強壯的野豬、到活潑的小鹿,再到小小的老鼠…… 奶奶與各種臆想中的動物們鬥爭,她的生活也變得熱鬧起來。 所以,當她保護了柿子,趕走了動物們,高興過後卻有些失落。 於是,奶奶做了一個暖心的舉動,把樹上剩下的柿子留給了動物們。





*水墨技法疊加布料、毛線、 剪紙的紋理,傳統技法和現代手工巧妙結合


劉航宇,90后繪本創作者,兒童文學寫作者。 出版圖畫書《好想好想吃草莓》《天上掉下一頭鯨》《爬樹》,以及小說《你的腳下,我的腳下》等。 榮獲2020年陳伯吹國際兒童文學獎年度圖書繪本獎、2020中國“最美的書”、冰心兒童文學新作獎、青銅葵花兒童小說獎、接力杯金波幼兒文學獎、圖畫書時代獎。 查看作者更多作品:link

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