Do Not Let an Elephant Walk into Your Room


Da Wu and his brother are visited by an elephant. It lives in their room with them and grows larger by the day. Until it becomes too large to destroy their room. Will they be able to move the elephant, and what will happen if their parents find out?

The Magic Carpet


Da Wu’s older brother got a magical carpet that could fly in the air, and the dog, kitten, bird, butterfly, and Da Wu all wanted to sit on the flying carpet with their brother in turn, until the flying carpet became overwhelmed and fell from the sky, torn. But Da Wu thought up a clever solution that allowed each of them to fly again on a broken flying carpet.

Never Helps a Snail


Da Wu moved a snail out of kindness, but the snail was unexpectedly captured by the bird. The story then begins with a two-line narrative, one telling of Da Wu’s chagrin for doing bad things with good intentions, and the other telling of a snail’s experience after being caught by a bird, and the two lines affect each other without the characters realizing it.

The Adventures of the Scarecrow

This is the latest work of Da Wu, an original picture book’s author-illustrator in China. The scarecrow must leave because the wheat field where he works in the story is no longer planted. He met with many people and every experience along the way serves as an opportunity to inspire it to grow in its abilities. Until the cold winter arrives and destroys everything. However, no one ever forgets the scarecrow…It’s a simple, inclusive, and lovely story, with powerful illustrations.

The Day I Went and Visited My Granny

When the little boy woke up, he found that his grandmother was sick and in hospital, so he decided to go on the road alone to visit his grandmother. Worrying about his grandmother and rushing alone scared him, but the little memories of being with him made him brave. At the same time, the adults who found the little boy missing also went out together to find him…


《露營》是夜晚發生的故事。兄弟倆早早搭好了帳篷,等待天黑之後去露營。夜晚的世界和白天會有所不同嗎?弟弟的期待似乎又要落空了:沒有奇迹,沒有新奇事物…… 真的沒有嗎?後來,奇迹發生了……
The brothers set up a tent early in the morning and waited until it was dark to go camping. Will the nighttime world be different from the daytime world?

River Trip

When the brothers came to the river, they found that the fog was too heavy and it was hazy. They mistook the grass for the water bird, the dead tree for the fawn, and the dirt for the crocodile…
This is an optical illusion game, full of unknown and thrilling.

Walk on Earth

於是弟弟便忍不住猜想:地下有××嗎?有××嗎…… 但每一次都被知識面更廣、閱歷更豐富的哥哥否定了。他們對地下一無所知,最後得出了一個遺憾的結論:要是生活在別的地方該多好啊!哪怕比這裡特別一點點……那些我們看不見的東西,真的不存在嗎?
The real world around you is just as marvelous as your imagination.
The older brother takes the younger to a walk. Along the way, the younger cannot stop asking his older brother if their place has these things which are seemingly cool and interesting. Though the older brother keeps denying, there is, actually, a treasure buried deep down under their world. Great things are right around you, and you just need to find them.

The King of Trees

This is a book with trees as its protagonists, a book about human wrestling with nature, and a book reflecting on industrialization and urbanization.

The Bird and Statue

A brand new statue was built in the center of a square, thousands of people come to visit and admire it. An unknown bird is being ostracized everywhere, only could he find himself when he is with the statue. As the time goes by, the statue is dilapidated day by day, it is even reshaped after the war. However, no matter what happens, the bird doesn’t leave the statue, and never stops singing and speaking to it. Then, a miracle happens…