The Day I Went and Visited My Granny

When the little boy woke up, he found that his grandmother was sick and in hospital, so he decided to go on the road alone to visit his grandmother. Worrying about his grandmother and rushing alone scared him, but the little memories of being with him made him brave. At the same time, the adults who found the little boy missing also went out together to find him… The author shows the psychological activities of a child in the face of fear in a way that intertwines reality and fantasy, and tells a touching affection for grandparent and grandchild.

“On the day I went to see Granny, I encountered a lot of wind and rain, and I also encountered scary monitor lizards, but I was not afraid, because I had a lot to tell Granny immediately. Those words, others may not believe, but Granny will believe!”

From the back cover
Dedicated to my sincere family members 

Companionship seems ordinary, but it has unexpected inspiration. On the day that I visited my Granny, there was a big storm and a scary lizard but I was not afraid. What supported me was that I had many things to tell my Granny. What I’d tell may be not convinced by others, but Granny would always believe me!

小男孩一觉醒来,发现奶奶生病住院了,于是下决心一个人上路去看望奶奶。对奶奶的担心和一个人赶路让他害怕,但和奶奶在一起的点滴回忆又让他变得勇敢。于此同时,发现小男孩不见了的大人也开始一起出动去寻找他…… 作者以现实和幻想交织的手法展现了一个孩子面对恐惧的心理活动,更娓娓道来一份令人动容的祖孙深情。

  • 根據作者小時候奶奶生病住院的經歷改編
  • 獻給彼此牽掛的家人,陪伴看似平淡,卻會帶來意想不到的力量
  • 有很多很多話,別人可能不相信,但奶奶一定會相信!
  • 這是童年一次小小的別離,也是長大後無數次別離的預演
  • 這一路,很多風雨。我有很多很多話要告訴你,過去時,現在也是