The Bird and Statue

The Bird and Statue

Author: Da Wu
Language: Chinese
Hardcover, 40 pages, age 4+
Citic, April 2021

All rights available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


A warm story about the magical power of love and company.

A brand new statue was built in the center of a square, thousands of people come to visit and admire it. An unknown bird is being ostracized everywhere, only could he find himself when he is with the statue. As the time goes by, the statue is dilapidated day by day, it is even reshaped after the war. However, no matter what happens, the bird doesn’t leave the statue, and never stops singing and speaking to it. Then, a miracle happens…

BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition 2019, New Talent Prize

About the Author

Da Wu is a picture book author and illustrator who borned in the 1990s. His books and essays have appeared in periodicals in China such as "Du You" and "Youth Digest." He used to draw pictures for authors like Keigo Higashino, Juan Li, and Liangcheng Liu's works. His picture book THE KING OF TREES was chosen by the UK dPICTUS in 2019 as one of the "World's 100 Outstanding Picture Books" and was exhibited at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2019, his picture book BIRD AND STATUE was awarded the New Talent Prize at the BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition. More works by Da Wu, please visit HERE.



  • 作者大吳全新力作,2019年BIBF菠蘿圈兒國際插畫展新人獎
  • 阿甲、熊亮、楊滌、張弘等大咖傾情推薦
  • 治愈清新的畫風,宛如精美明信片
  • 溫情有趣的故事,意想不到的結局,感受愛與陪伴的神奇力量
  • 故事充滿隱喻,多重視角解讀,親子、愛人、朋友……每個人都能讀到自己對親密關係的理解。


大吳,90後繪本作家、插畫師。小說、隨筆散見於《讀友》《青年文摘》等刊物,曾為東野圭吾、李娟、劉亮程等作家的著作繪製插圖。 其繪本《樹王》入選英國dPICTUS網站評出的2019年“世界100本優秀繪本”,並在法蘭克福書展展出。曾憑繪本《小鳥和雕像》獲2019年鳳梨圈兒國際插畫展新人獎。《樹王》已輸出全球西班牙文版權,《散步》輸出丹麥語版權。 現居廣州。微信訂閱號:少年吳大。 更多作品,請訪問:link

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