Tune of Darkness

Tune of Darkness
an Art Collection on Darkness Aesthetics

Editor: gaatii
Spec.: 225mm×300mm, 176pp, hardcover
Release date: 2021
Language: Traditional Chinese

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.
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Whether realistic or abstract artworks, line, as the most fundamental element in the painting, has the power to simply and directly express one’s feelings and emotions. In Line Drawing In Dark Stories, we will gather talented artists from all over the world together to showcase their awesome and impressive dark illustrations, hoping to let more and more people catch on to the charm of the dark art and, find out those stunning forgotten masterpieces.


chapter one: queer · fantasy
Many artists draw inspiration from religious stories, myths, and legends, and through perception and interpretation, distill those utopian words about supernatural power and other worlds into intuitive artistic expressions that provide readers with a vivid visual experience.

chapter two: cruel · evil
Artists are keen to incorporate evil and enchanting style materials into their paintings, resulting in visual symbols that combine beauty and evil in an attempt to lead the viewer into a contemplative space.

chapter three: weird · absurd
Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch painter, is regarded as an important enlightener of surrealism in the twentieth century, as well as the muse of inspiration for many contemporary dark surreal artists.

chapter four: fear · skull
Skull is the most intriguing but misunderstood symbol. It appears to be a morbid obsession with death, even the Grim Reaper, but it actually has a positive meaning and connotation, an artistic and symbolic way of irony to remind the world to live life to the fullest.

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gaatii was established in 2017, based in Guangzhou, China.
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編著:gaatii 光体
176頁,225 x 300 mm


絕大多數的經典藝術作品中,無論是中世紀的壁畫,文獻中的插圖,抑或是當代的造型藝術,都能窺見“暗夜”的身影。 從古典時代流傳至今的文集、諷刺文學、神秘學乃至民俗故事等等,所有一切與“光明”相悖的神話傳說和歷史事件,都能成為暗夜美學的養分,給予藝術家們靈感與能量,孕育一批又一批“美得極致”的藝術傑作。在本書中,我們邀請了來自全球各地的才華橫溢的藝術家,在《暗夜之歌——藝術暢想集》中展示他們那些美得讓人窒息的“暗夜”風格線條畫,希望能讓更多人覺察到黑白藝術的魅力,發現那些被遺忘的傑作。





第一章 怪異·幻想
第二章 冷酷·邪魅
第三章 詭異·荒謬
第四章 恐懼·骷髏



gaatii光体 2017年成立于中國廣州。專注藝術、科普、設計三個領域的原創內容生產,致力於通過多種形式為讀者提供優質的知識體驗。我們認為,一本好書的圖文與設計應該渾然天成、內容深入淺出、信息量充足且充滿驚喜。內容的藝術性與可讀性是我們的追求方向,產品功能性與藝術性的統一是我們的目標!