The Origin of Fantasy Creatures + Cards Collection

The Origin of Fantasy Creatures + Cards Collection

Editor: gaatii
Spec.: 225mm×300mm, 192pp, hardcover
Release date: 2021
Language: Simplified Chinese

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.
All rights available.

Foreign rights sold: Complex Chinese

This book is not a theoretical reading which is full of references and details. We don’t think that with our limited knowledge we can make a clear definition and trace to the origin of every monster. What we want to do is to introduce the trail of these monsters left in the human stories, through the combination of copyright-free images and a witty narrative way. Specially, the book is expected to include a certain amount of digital 3D works corresponding to every species of monster, to show how these creatures in legends evolved more fashionable features under modern technology. Young readers may find this book a gateway to a systematic understanding of myths and folklore throughout Europe, and for someone who is willing to get in touch with the monster theme but tired of those similar illustrated books with mass text and lacking visual effect on the market, this new book is sure to be able to bring a pleasing aesthetic and a comfortable reading experience.

This book is for:
1. people who like fantasy creatures, monsters and grotesque things
2. students who major/study in Fine Art

Author’s Bio
gaatii was established in 2017, based in Guangzhou, China.
We focus on content production in the three areas of design, art, and science, and we are committed to providing readers with high-quality original knowledge through multiple forms.
We believe that the text and design of a good book should be natural, the content is simple, the information is sufficient and full of surprises.
We pursue the artistry and readability of graphics, while focusing on the combination of design function and art, and use it as a goal to create the expression of each product.