The endlessly turbulent Yangtze and Yellow Rivers

The endlessly turbulent Yangtze and Yellow Rivers are mother river of the Chinese and the cradle of Chinese civilization. This book not only draws the beautiful natural ecology of the two rivers, but also highlights the civilization and cultural value that they nurtured.

Tune of Darkness


This book is a guide to teach you how to become a master photographer of taking merchandise photos. This book includes four chapters: 1.How to handle artificial light 2.How to set up a creative background 3. Case studies of merchandise photos 4. Portfolio of well-known photographers.

The Origin of Fantasy Creatures + Cards Collection

This book is not a theoretical reading which is full of references and details. We don’t think that with our limited knowledge we can make a clear definition and trace to the origin of every monster. What we want to do is to introduce the trail of these monsters left in the human stories, through the combination of copyright-free images and a witty narrative way. Specially, the book is expected to include a certain amount of digital 3D works corresponding to every species of monster, to show how these creatures in legends evolved more fashionable features under modern technology. Young readers may find this book a gateway to a systematic understanding of myths and folklore throughout Europe, and for someone who is willing to get in touch with the monster theme but tired of those similar illustrated books with mass text and lacking visual effect on the market, this new book is sure to be able to bring a pleasing aesthetic and a comfortable reading experience.

New Waves of European Graphic Design

The European graphic design has been standing in the forefront of graphic design, which is admired and amazed by graphic designers around the world. Its bold, creative layout and unique processing on color and light are always the ideal target for designers to learn and research. New Waves of European Graphic Design displays the excellent works of designers from Europe. The form of projects included in the book are mainly physical materials, including posters, album cover, books, magazines, leaflets, cards, etc. The text focuses on the designer’s creative concept, design methods and ideas, materials and print finishes and other relative information. It will analyze in detail for the readers about the uniqueness of 60 European graphic designs from creativity to realization.

Originality in Japanese Layout Design

In order to show the latest, the most popular layout design projects in Japan to designers, we compiled a book with the theme of Japanese layout design. With the subject of Japanese layout design, this book presents over a hundred fascinating Japanese layout design projects that involve originality in posters, leaflets, tickets and books. We classified these projects into 5 sections, which are typography and text layout, illustrations for layout design, approaches of composition, color scheming and while space. Originality about layout design in each selected works is shown with specific and easy-to-understand analysis. As the designer Hirokazu Abeki said in the foreword of this book: “Not preferring fixed values continuously is one of the features of Japanese aesthetics.” We believe the book is going to be a surprise for those who are learning layout design.

Color Genius

Based on the essential color theory and color psychology, 18 appealing color scheme references are sorted out, which are logically analyzed and presented by data charts such as radar and percentage, to find out the reasons for the psychological effects triggered by colors. Here, more than 45 amazing visual designs from all over the world are displayed in 7 color themes, and 10 internationally outstanding designers and art directors shared their color application approaches, helping readers to unlock more color scheme ideas and get tricks to break the mediocre design style.

Type Scene

The book delves into concepts and creative process of type design customized for event publicity. 48 fascinating event visual designs with extraordinary heading typography are selected from performances, exhibitions, campaigns around the world. Presentation in the form of an infographic on the headlines, as well as interviews and various publicity medias demonstrate inspiration, theory and practical approaches of how the type is built. In the discussion part, designers’s insights to type topics explain further the idea of creating the perfect type for a certain event. 

Mind Map of Illustration

From childhood to nowadays, ‘illustration’ always keeps pace with the times to show its visibility, variety, and interestingness. The book Mind Map of Illustration can be seen as a‘ mentor’. 15 talented illustrators from China showcase their artworks with their vivid and impressive visual languages here. It will help everyone well to get closer and get into the world of ‘illustration’.
——Prof. Wang Shouzhi