Sudan’s Rhino Horn

Sudan's Rhino Horn

by Dai Yun (text), Li Xingming (illustration) 

Chinese, hardcover, 56p, age 4+
poplar publishing house, 2019

Rights sold: 
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 

Handling territories: 
World exclude China.

All rights available.

Sudan’s Rhino Horn is based on the true story of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, who passed away in March 2018 at the age of 45. Revolving around Sudan’s horn, the symbol of a rhino’s existence, the story reflects the complex relationship between human beings and wildlife.
Based on the true story of Sudan with fairy tale style, we look back the life of Sudan. There are three times of cutting off the rhino’s horn in the story: the first time was Sudan’s mother; the second time was in the zoo in Czech; the third time was in Africa:  his horn was cut off in order to protect his life. 
The rhino’s horn has a strong symbolic meaning: the horn is a rhino’s crown and strongest weapon to protect life and territories. But the saddest thing of Sudan is, it will kill his life although the horn is his proud and a symbol for his identity. His corn could not co-exist with his living body.

This book has been proofread by Zhang Jinshuo, senior engineer of the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, science planning director of the National Zoological Museum, and director of the Chinese Science Writers Association.

The creators went to Kenya to shoot and interview. The book contains precious images of Sudan, which could be viewed by scanning the QR code on the copyright page.

About the Author

Dai Yun: 
author, translator, and promoter of children’s books. Born in Zhejiang, grow up in Nanjing.
Graduated from School of Foreign Languages, Nanjing University with a Bachelor’s degree, and University of New South Wales, Australia with a Master’s degree.

Li Xingming: 
born in Guangdong, graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts Picture Book Creation Studio. He has won the first prize of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Design Award and the Gold Award of the Tianhe Award International Innovation Design Competition. He is currently a lecturer at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.





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