Kiri Trees

Kiri Trees

Author: Dai Yun
Illustrator: Zhang Gang

Hardcover, 32 Pages, Age 4+
21st Century Publishing House (Simplified Chinese ed., June 2019)

Sold: Danish

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


There were kiri trees everywhere in Lin Town, and a little girl named Kiri. When Kiri was 7, a boy, Yu, came to the town. They became friends under kiri trees. Years passed, the town got more and more roads, yet fewer and fewer trees. One afternoon on a Spring day, Kiri found that half of the trees by a road were cut down for a new subway being built. Kiri wrote Yu a letter about her concern. When Yu wrote back, a green ribbon slipped out. What will Kiri do with this green ribbon?

A green ribbon that connects people and trees, cities and nature, the past and the future.

About the Author

Dai Yun is a writer, translator, and publicist who specializes in children’s books. Nanjing is where she grew up after being born in Zhejiang province.She holds a bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University’s School of Foreign Languages as well as a master’s degree from Australia’s University of New South Wales. Her works include Sudan’s Rhino Horn, which received the Best Award from the 7th Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award.

Zhang Gang, a Beijing native, is a well-known animation film director. He is the founder of Chuxin Film Culture Media Co., Ltd. and a partner in Qingqingshu Animation Technology Co., Ltd. His work as a director has received numerous national and international awards. The Kuiba film series: “Kuiba 3” (Director Award, 2014 China Film Directors Association), “Kuiba 2” (Best Feature Film Award, 2014 Lisbon Animation Film Festival), “Kuiba” (Huading Award for Best Animated Film, Russia Samara International Children’s Film Festival Best Animated Feature Film), and so on. His most recent animation work is “No.7 Cherry Lane”.










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