The Cloud / A Nuvem

一天,风儿在一片薄雾里消失了,天上有一朵云,就在一条路的正上方。它就这么站着,一动不动,一天又一天。很快,这一现象引起了人们的注意。这是一个奇迹,一场灾难即将到来的迹象,还是仅仅是污染?这个谜团导致人们与每个人都有争论,直至事情的真相被揭露…… 获奖: Little Hakka Best of Best 2018 已授权:西班牙语(西班牙),加泰罗尼亚语,波斯语,韩语 作者:Rita Canas Mendes插画:João Fazenda原书名:A Nuvem语言:葡萄牙语尺寸:21 x 28 cm页数:40价格:13,90 €出版年:2018ISBN: 978-989-99998-5-5

Turn the Page

Author: Maria Loretta GiraldoIllustrator: Nicoletta Bertelle Publication date: Aug. 2022, Camelozampa (Italy)32 pages, hardcover, age 3+ All rights available. A fast-paced and surprising game, full of discoveries at every turn of the page. In fact, the game of turning the page invites us to immerse ourselves in a fantastic world, where from time to timeContinue reading “Turn the Page”

A is van Os (A is for Ox)

Text – Bette Westera
Concept and illustrations – Autobahn

Handling rights: Simplified Chinese (sold), Complex Chinese (available).

Anyone who can read knows the 26 letters of our alphabet. But where do those letters come from? How long do they exist? And who designed them?
Autobahn and Bette Westera take you back to the time of our distant ancestors, who made a drawing if they wanted to ‘write’ something.
Slowly but surely, their drawings changed into the first letters. If you look closely, you can recognize our current alphabet.

And guess what? A is not for Apple at all, but for Ox! After reading this book you will understand how this came to be. You will also understand why, whenever we send each other emoji’s, we actually do the same as our distant ancestors over 5000 years ago. An educational and special letter book for all ages!