The Cats that Lived in the Tree

Original Title

Text by
Jiu Er

Illustrations by
Little Ten



November 2018


One cat, two cats… (How many cats are there? I don’t know either.) They made the large tree their home. Perhaps a large tree can provide stray cats with the protection of a home. Though the cats kept their distance from people, they were deeply dependent on them: the old granny brought them water and food on a daily basis, and the small girl gazed at them calmly. In conclusion, they lived happily ever after in this great tree, chasing and playing with butterflies and mice and occasionally fighting with dogs because there was nothing else to do.

Everything was beautiful and serene, until one day… One cat, two cats… They walked away from the massive tree one by one. But there was one cat who refused to leave. He was clinging to the large tree. He was clinging to the hope of the future. When it came time for him to leave the big tree, he shed tears while conveying to the readers a deep sense of warmth and ease.

Stray casts frequently appear in our sights, curling up under roofs and hiding behind car hoods… They always have a difficult life in the city. Cats are soft and cuddly. Their presence adds a touch of warmth to the human world. Humans and all living species have a similar relationship in that when we embrace them, they return happiness and goodwill to us!

Take a look inside! This is a touching story about kindness and faith.

Selected as the excellent book of the Year recommended by the Iranian Ministry of Culture
从流浪猫的视角 讲述欢聚与别离 
家不是一所房子 而是能和心爱的人幸福生活在一起 

流浪猫和人保持距离,却有着深深的依赖感:老婆婆每天给它们带来食物和水,小女孩默默地关注着它们。它们幸福地住在这棵大树上,和蝴蝶、老鼠追逐玩耍,偶尔和狗打打架,反正闲着也是闲着。 一切平静而美好,直到有一天……

“一只猫、两只猫…… 几只猫(到底几只呢? 我也不知道。) 它们以一棵大树为家。 也许对于流浪猫来说,大树可以给它们家的庇护。它们和人保持距离,却有着深深的依赖感:老婆婆每天给它们带来食物和水,小女孩默默地关注着它们。总之,它们幸福地住在这棵大树上,和蝴蝶、老鼠追逐玩耍,偶尔和狗打打架,反正闲着也是闲着。一切平静而美好。直到有一天……