Don’t Jump Rope with A Frog

Original Title

Text by 
Peng Yi

Illustrations by
Jiu Er



Jieli Publishing House
July 2015

Sold in
South Korea
Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia

When Keke returned home from school and discovered that his favorite checkers had been thrown away by his mother, he was angry, “Mum, I don’t like you!” He then fled the house. Then something extraordinary occurs——

“Really? I can have Keke’s mother as long as I beat him at jump rope?”

A swarm of talking animals approached Keke and asked for his mother. Guess what the angry little boy will do?

  • Fantastic storyline
  • Hilarious picture details
  • Insight into the child’s true spiritual world

This is a picture book that positively publicizes children’s imaginary world, which shows us how the power of imagination helps children regulate their inner emotions and overcome various inner difficulties encountered in growth. Children’s fantasies do not indicate inner weakness or negative escape, but rather an active effort to repair heart trauma or to actively experience life, learning, and growth. As a result, in the face of children’s seemingly absurd imaginary world, we shall provide more understanding and support, as well as accompany children as they grow up together.

It’s essential for parents to understand how to respect and guard silently their child’s imagination. Just like the mother in the story, who allows the little boy Keke to freely play with his imaginary animal friends and then prepares a nice dinner for him at the end. Because the child is actually talking to himself, adjusting his emotions, and learning to grow up alone when he enters the imaginary world.


  • Selected in the 2016 IBBY Honor List
  • Selected in the 2016 China’s 50 Favorite Books
  • Selected in the 2016 China’s Top 10 Original Picture Books
小男孩壳壳放学回到家,发现自己最心爱的跳棋被妈妈当成破烂扔掉了,他生气地说:“我讨厌妈妈! “然后,跑出了家门。 这时,神奇的事情发生了——

“什么什么?只要跳绳赢了壳壳,就能得到妈妈了? “




这是一本正面张扬孩子想像世界的图画书,它通过描述孩子生动而丰富的想像世界,为我们展示了想像的力量是如何说明孩子调节内心情绪,克服成长中遇到的各种内心困境的。 孩子的幻想并不意味着内心的软弱或消极的逃避,而更可能是在积极地修复内心遭受的创伤,或是在积极地体验生活、学习成长。 因此,在面对孩子看似荒诞的想像世界时,我们应该更多地给予理解和支援,陪伴孩子一起成长。

极富游戏精神的情绪处理指南,帮助家长和孩子更好地走出自己的负面情绪.每个家长都需要学会尊重孩子的想像,并默默守护着他们。 就像故事中给予小男孩壳壳自由地与“动物们”玩耍的空间,并在最后为他做了一桌丰富晚餐的妈妈一样。 因为,当孩子进入想像世界的时候,他其实是在跟自己对话,也是在调整自己的情绪,学会独自长大。


  • 入选2016年国际儿童读物联盟(IBBY)荣誉名单
  • 入选2016年度“大众喜爱的50本图书”
  • 入选2016年度中国原创图画书排行榜TOP 10