Button Soldier

Button Soldier

By Jiu Er

Chinese, Hardcover, 52p, age 3+
Dandelion, March 2020

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His clothes had a button fall off. It had fallen off the road, and no one had found it amid the congested streets. Then it was loaded onto a garbage truck, which bounced and threw it off the road. For a long time, since last spring and winter, it has merely sat there looking at the sky, at the clouds, and sometimes seeing nothing… However, one day, it was dragged out of the snow by a small fat hand. It was a boy. He needed a soldier. His chess set was missing a chess piece. From then on, it was known as the only “button soldier” in chess. A regular button has a new mission. This could be the little boy’s fantasy, or he could actually become a soldier; who knows?

There are numerous riddles to be solved in this book, and readers are supposed to figure them out for themselves.


  • Outstanding Award: The 7th Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award

About the Author

Jiu Er was born in China’s northeast area and now lives in Beijing. She was devoted to sculptural design for many years and displayed her works at the International Sculpture Symposium on numerous occasions. Since 2012, she has concentrated on the creation of picture books. My Sister’s Big Pumpkin, Unable to Return Home, Wishing for a Serendipitous Encounter, Twelve Puppies, Ewenk’s Camel, Monster Mountain, and Don’t Jump Rope with A Frog are among her best-known works. Several of her pieces have been sold in foreign countries, including Hong Kong.

The exhibition “Hometown Encounter – Jiu Er’s Original Pictures Gallery” was held in the Capital Library of China in July 2015. She has acted as a judge for both the Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators’ Competition at China’s Children Book Fair and the first Zhang Leping Picture Book Award in 2016. Her illustrations in Don’t Jump Rope with A Frog were nominated for an annual honorable mention in the Chinese Board on Books for Young People (CBBY), making Jiu Er the first female Chinese illustrator who is selected in the International Board of Books for Young People’s booklist (IBBY).






一枚從衣服上脫落的紐扣,它掉下來。 輾轉於擁擠的人流,疾馳的車輪底下,臭烘烘的垃圾堆…… 從秋天到冬天,它歷經風霜雨雪,身上的光澤早已暗淡。 然而有一天,陽光正好,當它閃出一點微弱的光時,一隻小胖手拾起了它。那是一個善良的小男孩,他如獲至寶地把紐扣帶回家。從此,這枚平凡的紐扣,迎來了嶄新的使命……


第七屆豐子愷兒童圖畫書獎 佳作獎

一枚紐扣,孤零零地躺在地上,春去秋來,人來人往,無人問津。 一個小女孩撿起又丟下,直到小男孩發現了它。 於是,這枚紐扣的故事命運發生轉變,它帶著讀者走街串巷、登門入戶,穿越時空、縱橫沙場……

小男孩將紐扣變成一顆善戰的象棋士兵,與外公進行了一場酣暢淋漓的楚漢爭霸遊戲。 這是一本設計感超強的無字圖畫書,從封面到環襯,從勒口到封底,畫家用鏡頭式的畫面呈現出一系列連續場景,讀者通過想像就能完成整個敘事。 全書畫面採用鉛筆素描的畫法,間或點綴紅黃藍三基色,讓整個故事的基調平和溫暖而又不失靈動跳躍。 故事高潮部分素描與水墨混搭,巧妙地表現出現實與想像的跨界。 好的畫面,無語萬言。



九兒 “豐子愷兒童圖畫書獎佳作獎” 《紐扣士兵》作、繪者

九兒是一位獲獎的美術創作者和雕塑家,她也是第一位入選IBBY榮譽書單的中國女畫家。 她現在和她的小狗「呼和」一起住在北京。