Author: Ernest Seton Thompson | Illustrator: Zhu Chengliang

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.

All rights available.

Foreign rights sold: English (USA, Canada), French (world), Korean (world), Russian, Danish

Tex language available: English, Simplified Chinese
Size: H257mm x W205mm
Pages: 40
Binding : Hardcover
Ages: 4+
Publication date: June 2011



1948年生於上海,自幼喜愛美術,少年時代在蘇州度過,1968年赴蘇州太倉插隊務農,1973年考入南京藝術學院美術系油畫專業,1976年進入江蘇美術出版社從事書籍裝幀工作,現為江蘇美術出版社副總編、編審、中國美術家協會會員。本書是他第一本自編自繪的圖畫書。策劃、編輯的“老房子”系列圖書獲國家圖書獎提名獎。熱愛圖畫書創作,並從中獲取了豐富的知識和藝術營養。喜歡看富於動感的電影,本作品裡也運用了些借鑒電影鏡頭的構圖結構,使情節展開富於動感和速度感。 1986年,應安徒生獎獲獎畫家安野光雅的邀請,與艾瑞·卡爾、雷蒙·不力格等世界頂級繪本作家們聯手創作《All in a Day(圓圓的地球上圓圓的一天)》。

Adapted from American author Ernest Seton Thompson’s well-known animal fictions. Flame, the mother fox, was moving home with her two babies, while one of her babies was caught by hunter’s trap. As Flame tried to help her kid, The hunter’s dogs found her and just wouldn’t stop chasing her. How would she come up with ideas to help her baby escaping from the hunter? One wonderful adventure of love and courage, with movie-like colors.

Zhu Chengliang

Born in Shanghai in 1948, he loved art since he was a child and spent his youth in Suzhou.
In 1968, he went to Taicang, Suzhou to join the team to work in agriculture. In 1973, he was admitted to the Department of Fine Arts of Nanjing University of the Arts.
He is the deputy editor-in-chief and editor-reviewer of Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House, and a member of the Chinese Artists Association.
This book is his first self-edited picture book. The planned and edited “Old House” series of books won the National Book Award Nomination Award.
He loves the creation of picture books and have gained a wealth of knowledge and artistic nutrition from it. He likes to watch dynamic movies.
This work also uses some compositional structures borrowed from movie lenses to make the plot unfold dynamic and speedy.
In 1986, at the invitation of the Andersen Prize-winning painter Mitsuya Anno, he collaborated with the world’s top picture book writers such as Iri Carr and Raymond Bulig to create “All in a Day”.

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