A River Tour

Text & illustration by Da Wu

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.
All rights available.

Original and publishing language: Simplified Chinese
Pages: 32
Publication date: Jul. 2021
Ages: 4+




看似並非看是,真相需要驗證!——壹蓓子繪讀創始人 鄒蓓蓓

置身於舟上,隨少年們一起紙上遊河、霧中探險。——蘇州幼兒師範高等專科學校教師、兒童文學研究者 周明剛

大吳的過人之處在於他的眼光,能從司空見慣中發現神奇。——兒童文學作家、魔法童書會創辦人 張弘

繪本《小鳥和雕像》獲2019年菠蘿圈兒國際插畫展 新人獎。

When the brothers came to the river, they found that the fog was too heavy and it was hazy.
They mistook the grass for the water bird, the dead tree for the fawn, and the dirt for the crocodile…
This is an optical illusion game, full of unknown and thrilling.
They recovered from the thrill and thought it was their own power to resolve the thrill…
Perhaps in the future, they will proudly repeat this extraordinary experience, but they may never know the whole thing…
Is the truth really as we have seen with our own eyes?

What you see is not necessarily true.
“A River Tour”: A “thrilling” optical illusion game.

It does not seem to be true, the truth needs to be verified! ——Zou Beibei, founder of Whole Life for Children’s

Place yourself on the boat and explore the river and mist with the teenagers. ——Zhou Minggang, teacher of Suzhou Preschool Teachers College and Researcher of children’s literature

Da Wu’s extraordinary is his vision, he can find magic in the commonplace. ——Zhang Hong, a writer of children’s literature and founder of the Magic Reading Book Club

About the author and illustrator
Da Wu: Post-90s writer and illustrator of picture book.
His novels and essays are published in China’s magazines such as “Du You” and “Youth Digest”.
He once drew illustrations for books by writers such as Keigo Higashino, Juan Li and Liangcheng Liu.
His picture book THE KING OF TREES was selected as one of the “World’s 100 Outstanding Picturebooks” by the UK dPICTUS in 2019 and was exhibited at the Frankfurt Book Fair. His picture book THE BIRD AND STATUE won the New Talent Prize at BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition in 2019.

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