Wanja and the Wild Animals

Author: Udo Weigeltillustrator: Svjetlan Junaković

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.
All rights available.

English translation available.

Publishing language: Simplified Chinese
Pages: 32
Ages: 4~8, 8~12


· 一則帶有民間故事色彩的歷險故事,讓孩子在起伏跌宕的情節中學習安全教育。
· 本書充滿歐洲古典繪畫風格,色彩的設計與情節的發展相呼應,給孩子帶來一份視覺大餐。

Little rabbit Wanja went to play. He got lost in the beautiful scenery. In searching the way to home, he encountered fox, wolf, bear and other wild animals. But Wanja kept calm. Finally he escaped from the dangerous animals and got home.

The story let kids face with the crisis and learn to deal with the difficult situation through plots full of tension. Unique painting style, childlike strokes and rich colors can recall children’s resonance in their heart.

· It’s a folk story of adventure and children get safety education through plots with twists and turns.
· The book is with European classical painting style, and the designs of color works in concert with plots, allowing children to enjoy a visual feast.

About the author
Udo Weigelt was born in Hamburg, Germany. He has written numerous other picture books for North-South, including All-Weather Friends, The Strongest Mouse in the World, Hiding Horatio, and Who Stole the Gold?

About the illustrator
Svjetlan Junaković, visit H

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