“Take a Guess!” series (9 titles)

“Take a Guess” series consists of following 9 titles and is a set of creative picture books with both knowledge and fun. Each title is related to animals. Via quiz games, it helps children learn knowledge of animals. The folding page design brings surprises, and nurtures children’s observation and imagination.

  • Take a Guess! Whose Baby Is It?
  • Take a Guess! Whose Home Is It?
  • Take a Guess! Who Is Playing the Instrument?
  • Take a Guess! Who Love This Most?
  • Take a Guess! Who Is It With This Color?
  • Take a Guess! Whose Voice Is It?
  • Take a Guess! Who Does This Toy Look Like?
  • Take a Guess! Who Is Playing Sports?
  • Take a Guess! Who Is It With This Pattern?


  • Enjoy an animal carnival: bring together animal friends from seven continents, sea, land and air, and grasp children’s curiosity.
  • Participate in a big explosion of knowledge: nine animal characteristics such as color, shape, sound, and habits are revealed to satisfy children’s curiosity.
  • Move hands to flip pages: each folding page is a creative riddle, making reading a fun game.
  • Think and answer questions: a question-and-answer interaction stimulates children’s imagination and becomes a paper toy for parent-child time.


  • 《猜猜看!這是誰的寶寶?》
  • 《猜猜看!這是誰的家?》
  • 《猜猜看!這是誰在演奏?》
  • 《猜猜看!這是誰的最愛?》
  • 《猜猜看!這個顏色的是誰呀?》
  • 《猜猜看!這是誰的聲音?》
  • 《猜猜看!這個玩具像誰呢?》
  • 《猜猜看!這是誰在運動?》

  • 体验一场动物大狂欢:汇集来自七大洲、海陆空的动物朋友们,紧紧抓住孩子的好奇心。
  • 參與一次知識大爆炸:顏色、外形、聲音、習性等九種動物特征大揭秘,滿足孩子的求知慾。
  • 動起手來翻翻翻:每一張折頁,都是一則創意無限的謎語,讓閱讀變成好玩的遊戲。
  • 開動腦筋答問題:一問一答的互動,激發孩子的想象力,成為親子時光的紙上玩具。