“Love is Magic” series (3 volumes)

This series consists of 3 titles.In each book, the same matter is told from different perspectives of parents and kids. Though their cognition is different, love can bridge the differences and build a bridge of communication between parents and kids.

Daddy, Let’s Go Fishing!
When go fishing, dad is focused on fishing, however, the girl put all bait away.

Watch out! The Pirates Are Coming!
It’s bath time. Mom just left the bathroom for a short time, but the boy has already staged a water-battle against pirates.

Surprise for Dad and Mum!
On Sunday morning, dad and mom are still asleep, while the kid gets up and is preparing a big surprise.


  • Flip up and flip down. Reading this book, you can get the fun of reading three books. The world of adults and children is different. However, love is magic, and it can build a bridge of communication between them.
  • Parents and children are with different perspective to the same thing, but they can make the same happiness.
  • Communicate with your children and walk into each other’s world, and every family will be full of magic!


  • 创意翻翻乐:上翻翻,下翻翻,读一本书获得三本书的乐趣,让孩子在玩中感受浓浓的亲情!
  • 親子心連心:親子宇宙大碰撞,不一樣的角度,撞出不一樣的幸福。
  • 愛的小秘訣:多與孩子溝通和交流,走進彼此的世界,每一個家庭都會充滿魔法!