“Happiness is Easy” series (6 titles)

Author: Liu Yangillustrator: Svjetlan Junaković

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.
All rights available.

English translation available.

Publishing language: Simplified Chinese
Pages: 28 pages per title
Ages: 0~2, 2~4


  • 《太美味了!》
  • 《生日快樂!》
  • 《我愛看電視》
  • 《看表演囉!》
  • 《鼓掌鼓掌!》
  • 《聖誕快樂!》


  • 藝術熏陶:圖畫書大師薛藍•約納科維奇精心繪製,畫風細膩,色彩明快,孩子可從中得到繪畫藝術潛移默化的浸染和熏陶。
  • 折頁掀翻樂:為低幼兒童量身打造,每一次掀翻都是全新的體驗,讓孩子調動手、眼、腦去探索,享受發現的樂趣!
  • 生活小妙趣:貼近生活的故事,卻有出人意料的結局,讓孩子邊讀邊樂,建立早期經驗,樹立積極情感。
  • 情緒體驗課:通過一波三折的故事情節,孩子可以獲得緊張、放鬆、驚險、激動、開心等情緒體驗,促進心智成長。
  • 益智訓練營:豐富的場景變換培養觀察力,幽默趣味的情節營造想象空間,幫助幼兒認識世界,培養想象力和語言表達能力。

This series consists of 6 titles. It is a series of amazing cognitive books, story books and family game books. It’s designed for young children aged from 0-4.

  • Yummy! Yummy!
  • Happy Birthday!
  • I Love Watching TV
  • Circus! Circus!
  • Applause! Applause!
  • Merry Christmas!


  • Artistic edification: Elaborately illustrated by picture book master. Exquisite painting style and bright color help children get influences and edification of the painting art.
  • Enjoy flipping the folding pages: Designed for very young children. Every turning page is a fresh experience. Let children explore it with hands, eyes and minds, and enjoy fun of discovery.
  • Fun in life: Stories are close to life, but with unexpected ending. Reading and enjoying, children establish early experience and positive emotions.
  • Emotional experience class: Storyline of twists and turns can let children get emotional experience such as tension, relax, thrilling, excited, happy, and promote their mental development.
  • Intelligence training camp: Rich scene changes cultivate children’s observation. Humorous plots create imaginary space. They help young children learn about the world, and develop imagination ability and expression ability.

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