Fly, Fly, Fly

Author: Liu Benillustrator: Svjetlan Junaković

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.
All rights available.

English translation available.

Publishing language: Simplified Chinese
Pages: 32
Ages: 0~3, 3~6


· 中外合作圖畫書,克羅地亞圖畫書作家、插畫家、雕塑家薛藍•約納科維奇作品;
· 文字具有音樂性,可以當做兒歌讀給孩子。

A picture book with both cognitive functions and artistic quality shows all kinds of flying things. Not only ladybugs, butterflies, bats… but also kites, airplanes and hot air balloons are eager to fly. It conveys a desire for freedom and going upwards. The book is simple and rhythmic, full of pleasure.

· International cooperation between Chinese author and world-class illustrator from Croatia.
· Its rhythm sound like a song for children.
· While the children is learning language and getting knowledge, they also feel the joy of reading and the joy of life.

About the author
Liu Ben
Picture book author, picture book editor.
Liu Ben, who had attained Master degree of drama, has worked in picture book industry
after graduation and being the picture book editor up to now. His works include Your Hand, My Hand, His Hand, Life and so on, other new works are going to come out.

About the illustrator
Svjetlan Junaković, visit H

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