One day, Venice was bathed in morning of fog. The Duke went out of the door of his Palace. A gondolier greeted to him:” Good morning Serenissimo!” In accordance with practice, the Duke only needed to give a nod, but the Duke replied to the gondolier unexpectedly:”S-ciávo!”, breaking a widespread rule throughout the Venetian dominion. The gondolier appreciated the greeting so much to repeat “S-ciávo! S-ciávo! ” to everyone he met. The gondolier discovered over time that this little word had a secret: It was magic. It brought back the smiles on sad faces, dissolving fears and uncertainties. Soon it spread around the world.

· Restore the true moments in history and plant the seeds of goodwill in everyone’s heart.
· CIAO is not only a word, but an element that the artists use, as well as a common emotion of human beings.
· Follow the art master to go through time, travel around the world, and say hello to every stranger you meet.

About the author
Laura Simeoni was born in Treviso in 1962. He graduated from the University of Padova in Italy. He is specializing at sociology in the Institute of social sciences “Nicolò Rezzara” in Vicenza.


  • 還原真實的歷史瞬間,把善意的種子播種在每個人心間。
  • CIAO是單詞,也是藝術家手中的元素,更是人類共通的情感。
  • 跟隨藝術大師穿越時間,環遊世界,和遇到的每一個陌生人問好。

Laura Simeoni 于1962年出生于特雷维索。他毕业于义大利帕多瓦大学。他在维琴察的社会科学研究所“Nicolò Rezzara”专攻社会学。