Joey the Beekeeper

Author & illustrator: Simona Čechová

Handling rights: Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese and English

Foreign rights sold: Italian, French, Ukrainian, Czech, Mongolian, Korean

English translation available.

Original and publishing language: Slovak
Size: 230 x 230 mm
57 pages, hardcover
Ages: 4+
Pub. year: 2019


Simona Čechová (1988):
Joey the Beekeeper 是她插圖和寫的第一本書。
布拉迪斯拉發的魔幻大都市 – 由米哈爾·赫沃里基(Michal Hvorecký)撰寫,莫諾克爾(Monokel)發行,2018年)

Joseph lived in a desert valley where no one lived, and nothing grew.
He was often very sad and full of thoughts of leaving his home and finding a better place for living. Until one morning when behind his little house a surprise awaited him. A stray bee swarm was looking for a new home. Joseph was very happy about the new neighbours and made a beehive for them to stay with him.
After a while he discovers that the desert land around him is turning into unrecognisable. Suddenly the whole valley was full of blooming trees and colourful flowers. Other animals stared to move into Josephs valley and he realises that he is neither alone nor sad anymore. He made new friends, takes care of the bees and grows fruits and vegetables. There is no reason why to leave his homeland anymore. And the next spring, there is a new surprise for Joseph – a new swarm of bees that need his help.
In this book children will learn how beautiful it is to take care of someone and that when we long for change, it is us who should make the first steps.
This book also talks about the importance of bees and how irreplaceable they are. On the last 10 pages it is explained how honey and mead is made, how bees pollinate flowers and what tools a beekeeper needs.

About the author
Simona Čechová (1988)
is a Slovak illustrator and beekeeper. Joey the Beekeeper is her first book she illustrated and wrote as well. She grew up with bees and learned the craft from her father, who learned from his father and so on … In the Čech family, beekeeping has over 120 years’ tradition.
Simona studied at University of Bedfordshire in England and at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, she is also a member of ASIL – Slovak Illustrators Association.
She has experience in editorial illustration, product branding and communication, but her biggest passion is book illustration.
Simona has illustrated several books, mainly picturebooks, her recent picturebook is about Slovakia’s capital city Bratislava which got published last year and was translated into French and English language the same year. (Bratislava the magic metropolis – writen by Michal Hvorecký, published by Monokel, 2018)

Festivals and exhibitions

  • BIB – Biennial of Illustrations 2019, Bratislava (Slovak republic)
  • Solo exhibition – Joe the beekeeper, Galerie Krystal 2018, Havířov (Czech republic)
  • TVOR! Farbrika Umenia, Mestská kniznica Partiáznske 2017, Partizánske (Slovakia)
  • Creative Expo Taiwan 2017, Taipei Expo Park, Taipei (Taiwan)
  • Solo exhibition-Three Kittens of Aunt Mily, AF bookshop 2016, Trnava (Slovakia)
  • LUSTR illustration festival 2014, Prague (Czech republic)
  • Solo exhibition Artforum bookshop 2012, Trnava (Slovakia)
  • MOR HO Collective 2013, London (UK)
  • International Festival of Animation Arts 2012, Saint-Pétersbourg (Russia)
  • Animateka 2012, Maribor and Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • Supertoon 2012, Island of Brac (Croatia)
  • Monstra Festival 2011, Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Fest Anca 2011, Zilina (Slovakia)
  • Festival du court métrage 2011, Altkirch (France)
  • Festival Internazionale Cortometraggi 2011, Malesco (Italy)
  • DA&D New Blood 2010, London (UK)

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