You Are Here 2
A new approach to signage and wayfinding

Editor: victionary
Specs: 190 x 255mm, 272 pp
Format: full colour, hard cover
Release date: March 2022
Language: English
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在设计同样吸引眼球的有效标牌时,需要达到微妙的平衡。 一方面,寻路系统必须避免混淆,并减少访客在医疗机构等复杂环境中寻找正确定位的压力。 另一方面,作为许多视觉识别设计项目的重要组成部分,它可以通过呈现独特的个性来帮助品牌脱颖而出。

本书是一次最佳标牌和寻路系统的新策展,这些系统增强了当今世界各地的空间和设置。 无论它们是简单地引导人们从A点到B点,还是激发好奇心和探索的乐趣,这些项目都反映了设计师的工作,他们善于将形式和功能结合起来,以展示创造性思维和同理心。

You Are Here 2
A new approach to signage and wayfinding

When it comes to designing effective signages that are also appealing to the eye, a delicate balance needs to be struck. On one hand, a wayfinding system has to avoid confusion and reduce stress for visitors orienting themselves within complex environments such as a healthcare facility. On the other hand, as a big part of many a visual identity design project, it can help a brand stand out by presenting distinct pops of personality.

A follow-up to the first edition that was published in 2013, You Are Here 2 showcases a new curation of the best signages and wayfinding systems that enhance spaces and settings around the world today. Whether they serve to simply guide people from point A to point B or elicit curiosity and delight in exploration, these projects reflect the work of designers who are adept at merging form and functionality to demonstrate creative thinking and empathy.