Silent Children

Author: YUAN Ling

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Silent Children is a new nonfiction work by YUAN Ling after his work The Moss Won’t Be Gone.
As one of the outstanding nonfiction writers in China, and the Writer of the Year in 2017 of the Beijing News, YUAN Ling’s works always pays attention to those marginal figures from the lower class, narrating their suffering, disease, death, and loneliness. This time, however, YUAN Ling focused his attention on left-behind children. He spent four years traveling in more than 20 remote mountainous areas in more than 20 provinces and cities, visiting nearing a hundred children, focusing on the left-behind, migrant, dropout, ill, and single-parent children. YUAN Ling is concerned about their living conditions, and the changes in their lives and destiny in the tide of commodification and urbanization.