Seven Buttons

Many have complained that in middle age, the expectations of life are diminished by daily trifles, and that the impassioned idealism of youth has shed its edge due to the complexity of human nature–a common dilemma faced by all human beings. However, the author reveals that after experiencing all, what are kept can be peace and freedom instead of stagnant water.


This book is the latest novel of the new writer Yu Feng, which tells the story of the hero, Xin Qing, in a two-line parallel.
The dual narrative style of alternating chapters, the magnificent writing style of Yu Feng through the coldness, the absurd plot and the real experience all give a novel reading experience. Reading this book is also like a dive into the author’s world, into Xin Qing’s heart, reflecting with him on our selves and pondering on all kinds of things in the world underwater.

The Golden River

“Contemporary version of Crime and Punishment”
The Golden River, Lu Min’s latest magnificent realistic novel, tells the haunting stories of Mu Youheng, one of China’s first generation of self made entrepreneurs, his two sons, friends, and his assistant, spanning 40 years from China’s beginning of
reform and opening-up in 1978, mirroring the vicissitude of Chinese people’s life, the transformation of their spiritual world and their attitudes towards fortune.

An Elephant Sitting Still

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