Designing bigger, bolder, brighter

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Release date: December 2021
Language: English
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《极繁主义:更大胆,更引人注目的设计》极简主义设计由于其强调整洁的空间和排除不必要的元素,已发展成为一种流行而永恒的美学,使其成为现代生活混乱的完美轶事。 然而,尽管它适用于各种媒介 – 跨越视觉身份和内饰 – 有些人可能会发现它的严谨性和克制过于沉闷或缺乏视觉特征。

因此,极繁主义运动最近获得了越来越多的动力。 创意人员没有颂扬“少即是多”以及将一切缩减到最低限度,而是以更大、更大胆、更明亮的方式表达自己,充满个性。 无论是通过混合冲突的颜色还是匹配不同的图案和元素,MORE IS MORE是对少数无畏的人的颂歌,他们巧妙地打破设计规则、推动边界、引人注目。

Designing bigger, bolder, brighter

Minimalist design has grown into a popular and timeless aesthetic due to its emphasis on uncluttered spaces and the exclusion of unnecessary elements, making it the perfect anecdote to the chaos of modern life. However, although it works across a variety of mediums—spanning visual identities and interiors—some may find its rigour and restraint too dull or lacking in character visually.

As such, the maximalism movement has been gaining more and more momentum of late. Instead of extolling ‘less is more’ and paring everything down to a bare minimum, creatives are expressing themselves in bigger, bolder, and brighter ways that brim with personality. Whether it is by mixing clashing colours or matching disparate patterns and elements, MORE IS MORE is an ode to the fearless few who deftly break design rules and push the boundaries to make eye-catching statements.