Where Are We Sleeping Today?

Author: Marta Kopyt

Handling rights: Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, and English.

Two brothers–Space and Monkey–really don’t like going to sleep. Beds seem so boring. It’s different with sleeping outside! That’s quite an adventure!!!
Where Are We Sleeping Today? is a collection of 12 stories, each one happening in a different place. A sleepover in an igloo, a tipi, a train or in a self-built base is a great adventure. Of course, pyjamas and a favourite toy are not enough to spend the whole night in a tent, sailboat, camper van or under the stars. For sleeping outside, you have to prepare properly just like for a big
trip. And that is just as awesome!
The idea for this book, which was born before the pandemic, is more relevant today than we anticipated.

Frankie from the Compost Pile

Author & illustrator: Simona Čechová

Handing rights: Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English

In a compost pile at the end of a garden, under the eggshells and apple peel, lives a small creature – Frankie the earthworm. And although he is by nature a cheerful fellow, it bothers him that unlike his friends from the garden, he cannot do anything useful – the ant builds houses, the spider makes webs, and the bee pollinates flowers. But František, who only digs small tunnels in the ground all day long, feels useless. Is he really, though? In addition to a story that carries a strong ecological message, Simona Čechová’s new illustrated book also provides instructions for making your own compost pile.

Joey the Beekeeper

Author & illustrator: Simona Čechová

Handling rights: Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese and English

Joseph lived in a desert valley where no one lived, and nothing grew.
He was often very sad and full of thoughts of leaving his home and finding a better place for living. Until one morning when behind his little house a surprise awaited him. A stray bee swarm was looking for a new home. Joseph was very happy about the new neighbours and made a beehive for them to stay with him.

After a while he discovers that the desert land around him is turning into unrecognisable. Suddenly the whole valley was full of blooming trees and colourful flowers. Other animals stared to move into Josephs valley and he realises that he is neither alone nor sad anymore. He made new friends, takes care of the bees and grows fruits and vegetables. There is no reason why to leave his homeland anymore. And the next spring, there is a new surprise for Joseph – a new swarm of bees that need his help.

In this book children will learn how beautiful it is to take care of someone and that when we long for change, it is us who should make the first steps.

This book also talks about the importance of bees and how irreplaceable they are. On the last 10 pages it is explained how honey and mead is made, how bees pollinate flowers and what tools a beekeeper needs.

I Won’t Speak First

Text by JIANG Yitan, Illustration by Sherry Feng

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.

This picture book is fully loaded with the love between parents and their children.
Aha! It’s snowing! The mother panda went to the bamboo forest looking for cool and crisp bamboo. Her baby woke up but found his mother was nowhere. He was so anxious that he began to trace the footsteps of his mother in the forest. It’s not difficult for the mother to discover that her beloved boy was following her from afar, but neither of them shouted out to each other; instead, they started playing a game called “I Won’t Speak First ”… Snowflakes were fluttering around in the forest, everything was covered by the white snow, as pure as the love between mother and her child who are inseparable from each other.

My Room, My Home, and Things I Own

Handling rights: Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, and English

This board book is a real treasure for kids who are just taking first steps to explore the world around, and their parents. What else if not a book is the best way to start communication with a child? What else if not a native home full of such different and important things is the first place to start discovering the world? Page after page, different rooms and things inside them — a bed, slippers, a cup, a tap, and favourite toys will appear before little amazed eyes. Looking at pictures, touching them, and searching for something new and important, pronouncing or even singing some of the names, repeating after father or mother — the book My Room, My Home, and Things I Own suggests a lot of possibilities for studying, development and spending quality time with a family.