Cyberpunk-Steampunk: Sci-Fi Art Collection

Author & editor: gaatii

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This series focus on the art creation of Cyberpunk & Steampunk, excavate the visual and cultural connotation from multiple dimensions, and purifie the profound and diversified concept of the two genres with the form of art presentation. In addition to presenting a variety of art works for readers to appreciate, the series also invite artists to provide some process images of their work, showing the readers how a Cyberpunk or Steampunk project works from concept to finished. The large-type binding design ensures a comfortable presentation of the content, from which readers will enter an immersive, seductive world.

The Story of Modern Chinese Typography

Author: Zhou Bo

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” The Story of Modern Chinese Typography ” records a wonderful development path in the history of Chinese design. It is easy to read, worth reading, and has important academic value. It is beautiful, with rich pictures and texts, and many forgotten text design works have renewed their brilliance, bringing inspiration to designers and bring the joy of viewing! Modern Chinese character design has gone through a magnificent, ups and downs development process like Chinese society, leaving us with a rich visual cultural heritage. This book presents this valuable information to designers and scholars, especially many design students, it is very valuable! ——Wang Min, deputy director of the Academic Committee of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, professor, AGI member

Silent Children

Author: YUAN Ling

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Silent Children is a new nonfiction work by YUAN Ling after his work The Moss Won’t Be Gone.
As one of the outstanding nonfiction writers in China, and the Writer of the Year in 2017 of the Beijing News, YUAN Ling’s works always pays attention to those marginal figures from the lower class, narrating their suffering, disease, death, and loneliness. This time, however, YUAN Ling focused his attention on left-behind children. He spent four years traveling in more than 20 remote mountainous areas in more than 20 provinces and cities, visiting nearing a hundred children, focusing on the left-behind, migrant, dropout, ill, and single-parent children. YUAN Ling is concerned about their living conditions, and the changes in their lives and destiny in the tide of commodification and urbanization.

I Won’t Speak First

Text by JIANG Yitan, Illustration by Sherry Feng

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This picture book is fully loaded with the love between parents and their children.
Aha! It’s snowing! The mother panda went to the bamboo forest looking for cool and crisp bamboo. Her baby woke up but found his mother was nowhere. He was so anxious that he began to trace the footsteps of his mother in the forest. It’s not difficult for the mother to discover that her beloved boy was following her from afar, but neither of them shouted out to each other; instead, they started playing a game called “I Won’t Speak First ”… Snowflakes were fluttering around in the forest, everything was covered by the white snow, as pure as the love between mother and her child who are inseparable from each other.