The Origin of Fantasy Creatures + Cards Collection

Author & editor: gaatii Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.All rights available. Foreign rights sold: Complex Chinese DetailsOriginal and publishing language: Simplified ChineseSize: 225*300mmPages: 192Binding: Hardcover with hard paper boxList price: CNY268Publication year: 2021 This book is for:1. people who like fantasy creatures, monsters and grotesque things2. students who major/study in Fine Art Author’s BiogaatiiContinue reading “The Origin of Fantasy Creatures + Cards Collection”

New Waves of European Graphic Design

Author & editor: gaatii

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The European graphic design has been standing in the forefront of graphic design, which is admired and amazed by graphic designers around the world. Its bold, creative layout and unique processing on color and light are always the ideal target for designers to learn and research. New Waves of European Graphic displays the excellent works of designers from Europe. The form of projects included in the book are mainly physical materials, including posters, album cover, books, magazines, leaflets, cards, etc. The text focuses on the designer’s creative concept, design methods and ideas, materials and print finishes and other relative information. It will analyze in detail for the readers about the uniqueness of 60 European graphic designs from creativity to realization.

23 Different Types of Interior Design Styles for Your Home

By He Ling

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The book introduces 23 different types of interior design styles in detail.
Each style is equipped with exquisite hand-painted drawings. The painting style is warm and healing, with a strong sense of atmosphere, readers can find their favorite style at a glance.
The content is professional, the explanation is concise and easy to understand, and the key points are combed clearly. Each style explains the style characteristics, construction methods, key design elements, etc., which can enable readers to quickly grasp the atmosphere and key points of each style.

Collage: Inspiration – Composition – Technique

Author: Natascha Fix | Jörg Bockow

Handling rights: Simplified and Complex Chinese.


當世界變得愈發數位化以及千篇一律,從剪刀、膠水以及藝術探索與創作中獲得的樂趣則越多(更別說我們不需要為創作而投入一大筆錢購買成堆的材料和工具,也不需要進行創作前精心策劃)。在拼貼藝術中,任何形式的表達和創作手法都是自由且不分對錯的。Natascha Fix將從簡單的創作小貼士開始,帶領你邁入精彩的拼貼創作世界。

Gouache the All-Rounder

Author: Aljoscha Blau

Handling rights: Simplified and Complex Chinese.

Gouache is the all-rounder that makes your dreams of painting and drawing come true. Newly discovered and presented by Aljoscha Blau, one of the most renowned illustrators in German-speaking countries. Diluted, working with gouache is almost like with watercolour. Used as a paste, the paint is applied in opaque layers with a matte surface reminiscent of pastels. Soluble in water, it forgives “mistakes” and allows for corrections and revisions. The fine grain of the pigments makes detailed drawings possible. Gouache dries quickly, is non-toxic and inexpensive. Multiple international award winner Aljoscha Blau shares his many years of experience in this book, offers shopping and material recommendations, tips for swift success, suggestions on composition, tools and work steps. And he spices it all up with his own illustrations, which are both an incentive – and a feast.

Pointed Pen Calligraphy: from copperplate to modern calligraphy

Author: Stefanie Weigele

Handling rights: Simplified and Complex Chinese.

斯蒂芬妮·韋格勒(Stefanie Weigele)是這個行當的大師,她寫得一手漂亮的書法,這對於她來說是一件很容易的事情。她的方法就是練習,瞭解書寫的基本原則、它的正式標準,並加以練習,你就會寫得越來越好,直至可以書寫任何東西。
本書中斯蒂芬妮·韋格勒(Stefanie Weigele)除了有詳細的指導和練習,還附有經典錯誤的例子。另外,因為技巧的不同令每個相同的字母擁有不一樣的寫法,作者也提供了每個字母和裝飾物的多種變體,以及購物建議。並且考慮到學習者在做了大量的實踐練習之後,可能會想要給作品加一些額外的工藝,本書也介紹了燙金和金屬顏料的知識。

The Origins of the World: Invention of Nature in the 19th Century

Author: Laura Bossi

Handling territories: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China.
Complex Chinese rights available.

At the crossroads of science and art, this catalogue compares the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallels in the collective imagination.
The nineteenth century saw an unprecedented development of the natural sciences. Darwinian theory questions the origins of man, his place in Nature, his links with animals and his own animality in a world now understood as an ecosystem. This upheaval in the sciences, as well as the public debates throughout the century, deeply influenced the artists.
The Musée d’Orsay is devoting an exhibition to the intersection of science and the arts for the first time, in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, which will retrace the themes of this questioning and will confront the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallel in the art.


Author: Krzysztof Pomian

Handling territories: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China
Complex Chinese rights available

Magnificent and never done before fully illustrated world history of museums. A complete political, social and cultural perspective.
Humans have had the impulse for millennia to conserve, acquire, accumulate objects deemed beautiful, interesting, intriguing or rare, for their personal pleasure, but also as an attribute or privilege of their power and wealth.
It is from these first collections that little by little the modern museums we know today have emerged, dedicated to the conservation of objects, constantly in movement, in creation, in questioning, for the greatest delight, and education, of the masses. No “history of the museum” such as this has ever been attempted.

Open the Package: Creative Process of Packaging Design from Concept to Finishing

Author & editor: gaatii

Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.
All rights available.

We started from the idea of “Open the package”, through a way disassembling step by step, with both images and texts to show the audience how a package comes into being, after a link of Request, Solution, Idea&Concept, Graphic design, Scheme of color, material or finishes, cost, and so on. Meanwhile, we invited two internationally known packaging design group Backbone Branding and David Trubridge, whose specialists analyzing their prize-winning projects detailedly to share their experiences on design.

And the greatest feature of the book is the anatomy steps of every packaging work. Our editorial team cooperated with the packaging designers who cost plenty of time on creating those structures and templates images, for the readers to be able to understand every design details more clearly and directly. This is also the pointe distinguished with other packaging design books in the current market.
We believe that every designer who reads the book can see the highlights of wisdom and be inspired by these cases so that they could create more fantastic works.

Originality in Japanese Layout Design

Author & editor: gaatii

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In order to show the latest, the most popular layout design projects in Japan to designers, we compiled a book with the theme of Japanese layout design. With the subject of Japanese layout design, this book presents over a hundred fascinating Japanese layout design projects that involve originality in posters, leaflets, tickets and books. We classified these projects into 5 sections, which are typography and text layout, illustrations for layout design, approaches of composition, color scheming and while space. Originality about layout design in each selected works is shown with specific and easy-to-understand analysis. As the designer Hirokazu Abeki said in the foreword of this book: “Not preferring fixed values continuesly is one of the features of Japanese aesthetics.” We believe the book is going to be a surprise for those who are learning layout design.