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匯集了莫斯科兄弟米哈伊爾和伊万莫羅佐夫創作的法國和俄羅斯現代藝術收藏中的 170 多件無與倫比的傑作。
繼謝爾蓋·舒金 (Sergei Shchukin)藏品展覽之後,路易威登基金會繼續探索俄羅斯收藏家和贊助人、現代藝術先驅的文化和知識世界。
從 19 世紀末到 20 世紀初,慈善兄弟米哈伊爾·阿布拉莫維奇·莫羅佐夫(Mikhail Abramovich Morozov,1870-1903)和伊萬·阿布拉莫維奇·莫羅佐夫(Ivan Abramovich Morozov,1871-1921)與特列季亞科夫、馬蒙托夫、裡亞布申斯基和舒金家族一起主導了莫斯科的文化生活。

I Won’t Speak First

Text by JIANG Yitan, Illustration by Sherry Feng

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This picture book is fully loaded with the love between parents and their children.
Aha! It’s snowing! The mother panda went to the bamboo forest looking for cool and crisp bamboo. Her baby woke up but found his mother was nowhere. He was so anxious that he began to trace the footsteps of his mother in the forest. It’s not difficult for the mother to discover that her beloved boy was following her from afar, but neither of them shouted out to each other; instead, they started playing a game called “I Won’t Speak First ”… Snowflakes were fluttering around in the forest, everything was covered by the white snow, as pure as the love between mother and her child who are inseparable from each other.


Handling territories: Taiwan, Hong Kong
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通過比較和對比藝術界兩大巨頭:奧古斯特·羅丹(Auguste Rodin,1840-1917)和巴勃羅·畢卡索(1881-1973)的作品,這兩位非凡的藝術家在形式上的創新被認為是各自時代現代藝術的轉捩點。他們創作過程的交集揭示了他們調查過程中驚人的相似之處,例如實驗、大規模生產和形式不斷變化的性質。

這本包含 350 多件作品的圖冊將帶您探索兩位藝術家之間的對話,以及這些意想不到的聯繫中反復出現的層面。

My Room, My Home, and Things I Own

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This board book is a real treasure for kids who are just taking first steps to explore the world around, and their parents. What else if not a book is the best way to start communication with a child? What else if not a native home full of such different and important things is the first place to start discovering the world? Page after page, different rooms and things inside them — a bed, slippers, a cup, a tap, and favourite toys will appear before little amazed eyes. Looking at pictures, touching them, and searching for something new and important, pronouncing or even singing some of the names, repeating after father or mother — the book My Room, My Home, and Things I Own suggests a lot of possibilities for studying, development and spending quality time with a family.