The Origins of the World: Invention of Nature in the 19th Century

Author: Laura Bossi

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At the crossroads of science and art, this catalogue compares the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallels in the collective imagination.
The nineteenth century saw an unprecedented development of the natural sciences. Darwinian theory questions the origins of man, his place in Nature, his links with animals and his own animality in a world now understood as an ecosystem. This upheaval in the sciences, as well as the public debates throughout the century, deeply influenced the artists.
The Musée d’Orsay is devoting an exhibition to the intersection of science and the arts for the first time, in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, which will retrace the themes of this questioning and will confront the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallel in the art.


Author: Krzysztof Pomian

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Magnificent and never done before fully illustrated world history of museums. A complete political, social and cultural perspective.
Humans have had the impulse for millennia to conserve, acquire, accumulate objects deemed beautiful, interesting, intriguing or rare, for their personal pleasure, but also as an attribute or privilege of their power and wealth.
It is from these first collections that little by little the modern museums we know today have emerged, dedicated to the conservation of objects, constantly in movement, in creation, in questioning, for the greatest delight, and education, of the masses. No “history of the museum” such as this has ever been attempted.

The Bird and Statue

Text & illustration by Da Wu

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A brand new statue was built in the center of a square, thousands of people come to visit and admire it.
An unknown bird is being ostracized everywhere, only could he find himself when he is with the statue.
As the time goes by, the statue is dilapidated day by day, it is even reshaped after the war.
However, no matter what happens, the bird doesn’t leave the statue, and never stops singing and speaking to it.
Then, a miracle happens…

Great Oriental Voyages

Text by LIU Bingyuan, Illustration by JIAO Yang

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This is a picture book about the Silk Road on the Sea. The big boat started from Quanzhou Harbor and experienced heavy storms and waves, saw the sunrise, sunset and stars at the end of the sea and sky, brought Chinese culture and specialties to all parts of the world, and also brought back many novel species… The pictures are exquisite and magnificent, showing the magnificence of the sea exploration of the ancient Eastern countries, and also reflecting the spirit of unity of all aspirations.

Big Boat

Text by HUANG Xiaoheng, illustration by GUI Tuzi

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Once the fishing village’s pride, the big boat is now silently docked at the port, watching the alternation of the four seasons and the changes of the times. In the story, the big boat is cleverly designed as a participant and a witness of the small fishing village. It witnesses the small fishing village become a big city and people’s lives get better and better.
Through the eyes of the big boat, children see a colorful city. The stories that the big boat has experienced are like the lighthouses in a long river that help the children understand the abstract concept of time and how the change of time influences things. They unravel the secrets of time for the children.

Tail of Fox

Text by JIANG Yitan, illustration by Kendra Wang

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It is a story that teaches children to do good deeds in a correct manner.
One day in a chilly winter, a cold and hungry fox went through the woods searching for food. He felt so excited at seeing a man sitting on the ice fishing. His mouth couldn’t help watering. He begged the man for a fish to fill his belly, but he still wanted more. It was too cold outside, the man was anxious to go home, so he lent all his fishing gear to the fox for him to fish by himself. Unfortunately, the fox harvested nothing and found his tail frozen to the ice. Then he was desperately shouting the mole, the rabbit and the peacock to come to his rescue. But all of them were victims of his bullying, would they return good for evil?

On The Move

Authors & Illustrators: Romana Romanyshyn аnd Andriy Lesiv

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This book is about movement and travel — not only by people, but also that of animals, plants, the wind, water, and our planet. It describes journeys for the purpose of trade and commerce, journeys for the purpose of pleasure and repose or for survival, as well as scientific expeditions and pilgrimages. It’s about migrations, maps, navigation, and, finally, about finding one’s one path. The one word that a traveler most often hears in his travels is “where.” “Where are you heading to?”, “Where are you coming from?”

Open the Package: Creative Process of Packaging Design from Concept to Finishing

Author & editor: gaatii

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We started from the idea of “Open the package”, through a way disassembling step by step, with both images and texts to show the audience how a package comes into being, after a link of Request, Solution, Idea&Concept, Graphic design, Scheme of color, material or finishes, cost, and so on. Meanwhile, we invited two internationally known packaging design group Backbone Branding and David Trubridge, whose specialists analyzing their prize-winning projects detailedly to share their experiences on design.

And the greatest feature of the book is the anatomy steps of every packaging work. Our editorial team cooperated with the packaging designers who cost plenty of time on creating those structures and templates images, for the readers to be able to understand every design details more clearly and directly. This is also the pointe distinguished with other packaging design books in the current market.
We believe that every designer who reads the book can see the highlights of wisdom and be inspired by these cases so that they could create more fantastic works.

Originality in Japanese Layout Design

Author & editor: gaatii

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In order to show the latest, the most popular layout design projects in Japan to designers, we compiled a book with the theme of Japanese layout design. With the subject of Japanese layout design, this book presents over a hundred fascinating Japanese layout design projects that involve originality in posters, leaflets, tickets and books. We classified these projects into 5 sections, which are typography and text layout, illustrations for layout design, approaches of composition, color scheming and while space. Originality about layout design in each selected works is shown with specific and easy-to-understand analysis. As the designer Hirokazu Abeki said in the foreword of this book: “Not preferring fixed values continuesly is one of the features of Japanese aesthetics.” We believe the book is going to be a surprise for those who are learning layout design.

Color Genius

Author & editor: gaatii

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Based on the essential color theory and color psychology, 18 appealing color scheme references are sorted out, which are logically analyzed and presented by data charts such as radar and percentage, to find out the reasons for the psychological effects triggered by colors. Here, more than 45 amazing visual designs from all over the world are displayed in 7 color themes, and 10 internationally outstanding designers and art directors shared their color application approaches, helping readers to unlock more color scheme ideas and get tricks to break the mediocre design style.