Wanja and the Wild Animals

Author: Udo Weigelt, illustrator: Svjetlan Junaković

Handling territories: world exclude China.
All rights available.

Little rabbit Wanja went to play. He got lost in the beautiful scenery. In searching the way to home, he encountered fox, wolf, bear and other wild animals. But Wanja kept calm. Finally he escaped from the dangerous animals and got home.

The story let kids face with the crisis and learn to deal with the difficult situation through plots full of tension. Unique painting style, childlike strokes and rich colors can recall children’s resonance in their heart.

Fly, Fly, Fly

Author: Liu Ben, illustrator: Svjetlan Junaković

Handling territories: world exclude China.
All rights available.

A picture book with both cognitive functions and artistic quality shows all kinds of flying things. Not only ladybugs, butterflies, bats… but also kites, airplanes and hot air balloons are eager to fly. It conveys a desire for freedom and going upwards. The book is simple and rhythmic, full of pleasure.

My Way

Text & illustration by Svjetlan Junaković

Handling territories: world exclude China.
All rights available.

The toddler got his first pair of shoes. He grew up and became the orchestra cellist, playing wonderful music. He first tasted the sweet of love, experienced the tenderness between man and woman. Since then, he stayed away from home. On the way, he met all kinds of passengers, letting him feel so wonderful and live a full life. Finally, he returned to his birth city. Everything seems unchanged, the streets and crowds, just like in the past. Of course, the pairs of shoes owned by everyone are still there.


Author: Laura Simeoni, illustrator: Svjetlan Junaković

Handling territories: world exclude China.
All rights available.

One day, Venice was bathed in morning of fog. The Duke went out of the door of his Palace. A gondolier greeted to him:” Good morning Serenissimo!” In accordance with practice, the Duke only needed to give a nod, but the Duke replied to the gondolier unexpectedly:”S-ciávo!”, breaking a widespread rule throughout the Venetian dominion. The gondolier appreciated the greeting so much to repeat “S-ciávo! S-ciávo! ” to everyone he met. The gondolier discovered over time that this little word had a secret: It was magic. It brought back the smiles on sad faces, dissolving fears and uncertainties. Soon it spread around the world.

I Am Talking You About the Art of the 20th Century

Text & illustration by Svjetlan Junaković

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All rights available.

This book tells interesting stories about some famous artworks in the 20th century. In this book, the author presents his collections: artworks from great artists, including Kazimir Malevič, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Piet Mondrian, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol… In the meantime, with his skilled and humorous story-telling language, the story-teller links these artworks with stories, presenting to young readers a vivid art enlightenment lesson and leading them to enjoy themselves in the palace of art of the 20th century.

This art enlightenment book introduces the art of the 20th century to children by combining story-telling with artworks, which is original and unique and consistent with children’s nature.

The Origins of the World: Invention of Nature in the 19th Century

Author: Laura Bossi

Handling territories: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China.
Complex Chinese rights available.

At the crossroads of science and art, this catalogue compares the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallels in the collective imagination.
The nineteenth century saw an unprecedented development of the natural sciences. Darwinian theory questions the origins of man, his place in Nature, his links with animals and his own animality in a world now understood as an ecosystem. This upheaval in the sciences, as well as the public debates throughout the century, deeply influenced the artists.
The Musée d’Orsay is devoting an exhibition to the intersection of science and the arts for the first time, in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, which will retrace the themes of this questioning and will confront the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallel in the art.


Author: Krzysztof Pomian

Handling territories: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China
Complex Chinese rights available

Magnificent and never done before fully illustrated world history of museums. A complete political, social and cultural perspective.
Humans have had the impulse for millennia to conserve, acquire, accumulate objects deemed beautiful, interesting, intriguing or rare, for their personal pleasure, but also as an attribute or privilege of their power and wealth.
It is from these first collections that little by little the modern museums we know today have emerged, dedicated to the conservation of objects, constantly in movement, in creation, in questioning, for the greatest delight, and education, of the masses. No “history of the museum” such as this has ever been attempted.

The Bird and Statue

Text & illustration by Da Wu

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A brand new statue was built in the center of a square, thousands of people come to visit and admire it.
An unknown bird is being ostracized everywhere, only could he find himself when he is with the statue.
As the time goes by, the statue is dilapidated day by day, it is even reshaped after the war.
However, no matter what happens, the bird doesn’t leave the statue, and never stops singing and speaking to it.
Then, a miracle happens…

Great Oriental Voyages

Text by LIU Bingyuan, Illustration by JIAO Yang

Handling territories: world exclude China.
All rights available.

This is a picture book about the Silk Road on the Sea. The big boat started from Quanzhou Harbor and experienced heavy storms and waves, saw the sunrise, sunset and stars at the end of the sea and sky, brought Chinese culture and specialties to all parts of the world, and also brought back many novel species… The pictures are exquisite and magnificent, showing the magnificence of the sea exploration of the ancient Eastern countries, and also reflecting the spirit of unity of all aspirations.

Big Boat

Text by HUANG Xiaoheng, illustration by GUI Tuzi

Handling territories: world exclude China
All rights available.

Once the fishing village’s pride, the big boat is now silently docked at the port, watching the alternation of the four seasons and the changes of the times. In the story, the big boat is cleverly designed as a participant and a witness of the small fishing village. It witnesses the small fishing village become a big city and people’s lives get better and better.
Through the eyes of the big boat, children see a colorful city. The stories that the big boat has experienced are like the lighthouses in a long river that help the children understand the abstract concept of time and how the change of time influences things. They unravel the secrets of time for the children.