23 Different Types of Interior Design Styles for Your Home

By He Ling

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The book introduces 23 different types of interior design styles in detail.
Each style is equipped with exquisite hand-painted drawings. The painting style is warm and healing, with a strong sense of atmosphere, readers can find their favorite style at a glance.
The content is professional, the explanation is concise and easy to understand, and the key points are combed clearly. Each style explains the style characteristics, construction methods, key design elements, etc., which can enable readers to quickly grasp the atmosphere and key points of each style.


Author & illustrator: Tatsuya Miyanishi

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No matter where a zoo locates, pandas are always super stars. They always put on nice smells and meet tourists’ requests. But that day, this panda felt tired, he didn’t want to be panda anymore! He found a rabbit, painted him white and black, but tourists soon found out. He then found a pig, an elephant, and an unexpected big fella…Will their plan work out?

A River Tour

Text & illustration by Da Wu

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When the brothers came to the river, they found that the fog was too heavy and it was hazy.
They mistook the grass for the water bird, the dead tree for the fawn, and the dirt for the crocodile…
This is an optical illusion game, full of unknown and thrilling.
They recovered from the thrill and thought it was their own power to resolve the thrill…
Perhaps in the future, they will proudly repeat this extraordinary experience, but they may never know the whole thing…
Is the truth really as we have seen with our own eyes?


Text & illustration by Da Wu

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The brothers set up a tent early, and waited for it to go camping after dark.
Will the world at night be different from the ones at day?
The younger brother’s expectations seem to be frustrated again: there are no miracles, no novelties, and even no difference from usual…
But in the end a miracle happened.

Before the miracle happened, they were discussing whether the miracle would happen;
When the miracle happened, they were surprised and worried secretly in the discussion;
After the miracle was over, they woke up from their dreams…

In ordinary life, how many big and small adventures have we ever had, but we are completely unaware of it?

Walk on Earth

Text & illustration by Da Wu

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The real world around you is just as marvelous as your imagination.
The older brother takes the younger to a walk. Along the way, the younger cannot stop asking his older brother if their place has these things which are seemingly cool and interesting. Though the older brother keeps denying, there is, actually, a treasure buried deep down under their world. Great things are right around you, and you just need to find them.

The King of Trees

Text & illustration by Da Wu

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Nobody knows one sapling could grow into a huge tree before it actually grows huge. When it was in medium size, they just saw it as an ordinary tree. The tree in town never stopped growing, only then people finally realized, that there was this huge tree standing there. They called it the king of trees, a miracle. It was people’s proud, until it became too huge. People started worried, and decided, to cut it down.

Sudan’s Rhino Horn

Author: Dai Yun, illustrator: Li Xingming

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Sudan’s Rhino Horn is based on the true story of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, who passed away in March 2018 at the age of 45. Revolving around Sudan’s horn, the symbol of a rhino’s existence, the story reflects the complex relationship between human beings and wildlife.
Based on the true story of Sudan with fairy tale style, we look back the life of Sudan. There are three times of cutting off the rhino’s horn in the story: the first time was Sudan’s mother; the second time was in the zoo in Czech; the third time was in Africa:  his horn was cut off in order to protect his life. 
The rhino’s horn has a strong symbolic meaning: the horn is a rhino’s crown and strongest weapon to protect life and territories. But the saddest thing of Sudan is, it will kill his life although the horn is his proud and a symbol for his identity. His corn could not co-exist with his living body.

A is van Os (A is for Ox)

Text – Bette Westera
Concept and illustrations – Autobahn

Handling rights: Simplified Chinese (sold), Complex Chinese (available).

Anyone who can read knows the 26 letters of our alphabet. But where do those letters come from? How long do they exist? And who designed them?
Autobahn and Bette Westera take you back to the time of our distant ancestors, who made a drawing if they wanted to ‘write’ something.
Slowly but surely, their drawings changed into the first letters. If you look closely, you can recognize our current alphabet.

And guess what? A is not for Apple at all, but for Ox! After reading this book you will understand how this came to be. You will also understand why, whenever we send each other emoji’s, we actually do the same as our distant ancestors over 5000 years ago. An educational and special letter book for all ages!

Collage: Inspiration – Composition – Technique

Author: Natascha Fix | Jörg Bockow

Handling rights: Simplified and Complex Chinese.


當世界變得愈發數位化以及千篇一律,從剪刀、膠水以及藝術探索與創作中獲得的樂趣則越多(更別說我們不需要為創作而投入一大筆錢購買成堆的材料和工具,也不需要進行創作前精心策劃)。在拼貼藝術中,任何形式的表達和創作手法都是自由且不分對錯的。Natascha Fix將從簡單的創作小貼士開始,帶領你邁入精彩的拼貼創作世界。