Turn the Page

Author: Maria Loretta GiraldoIllustrator: Nicoletta Bertelle Publication date: Aug. 2022, Camelozampa (Italy)32 pages, hardcover, age 3+ All rights available. A fast-paced and surprising game, full of discoveries at every turn of the page. In fact, the game of turning the page invites us to immerse ourselves in a fantastic world, where from time to timeContinue reading “Turn the Page”


Author: Elena PaccagnellaIllustrator: Nicoletta Bertelle Publication date: November, 2018, Camelozampa (Italy)52 pages, hardcover, age 3+ All rights available. Pino, Red, Lola, Gaia e Valentino are inseparable. One day, in the park where they live, a mysterious maze appears: at the heart of it, a treasure is hidden. Will the five friends be able to findContinue reading “THE TREASURE OF THE ENCHANTED MAZE”


Author: Maria Loretta GiraldoIllustrator: Nicoletta Bertelle Publication date: March 2014, Camelozampa (Italy)32 pages, hardcover, age 2+ Rights sold: KOREAN, ENGLISH (Hong Kong) A tender story to celebrate children’s wonder for all the amazing things their Moms can do! A sweet, heart-melting picture book about… a very special Mom. She is just so… big! She canContinue reading “MAMMOTH MOM”


Written by Dai YunIllustrated by Igor Oreynikov Text language: ChinesePublication date: June 2021Pages: 40Format: HardcoverRights sold to: Canada (World English)Reviewing material: Chinese full PDF and English translation. Every year on February 27, International Polar Bear Day is observed, with the topic “Protecting Mothers and Babies” as a prominent focus. The much-publicized picture book author DaiContinue reading “WHERE DO WE GO?”

The Origin of Fantasy Creatures + Cards Collection

Author & editor: gaatii Handling rights: all exclude Simplified Chinese.All rights available. Foreign rights sold: Complex Chinese DetailsOriginal and publishing language: Simplified ChineseSize: 225*300mmPages: 192Binding: Hardcover with hard paper boxList price: CNY268Publication year: 2021 This book is for:1. people who like fantasy creatures, monsters and grotesque things2. students who major/study in Fine Art Author’s BiogaatiiContinue reading “The Origin of Fantasy Creatures + Cards Collection”

Button Soldier

By Jiuer

Handing rights: all exclude simplified Chinese.

All rights available.

A button fell off his clothes. It fell off the road and no one found it in the busy streets. Then he was put into a garbage truck and bumped and fell on the side of the road. For a long time, since last spring and winter, it just lay there looking at the sky, looking at the clouds and sometimes seeing nothing … However, one day, it was dug out from the snow by a little fat hand. It was a boy. He was in need of a soldier. His chess was missing a chess piece. From then on, it was called the only “button soldier” in chess. An ordinary button has a new mission. This may be the little boy’s fantasy, perhaps button really becomes a soldier, who knows? In this book, there are many mysteries that need to be solved, and the readers are expected to find out for themselves.