Button Soldier

By Jiuer

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A button fell off his clothes. It fell off the road and no one found it in the busy streets. Then he was put into a garbage truck and bumped and fell on the side of the road. For a long time, since last spring and winter, it just lay there looking at the sky, looking at the clouds and sometimes seeing nothing … However, one day, it was dug out from the snow by a little fat hand. It was a boy. He was in need of a soldier. His chess was missing a chess piece. From then on, it was called the only “button soldier” in chess. An ordinary button has a new mission. This may be the little boy’s fantasy, perhaps button really becomes a soldier, who knows? In this book, there are many mysteries that need to be solved, and the readers are expected to find out for themselves.

A Place Like the Sea

Text & illustration by Lin Boting

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The story took place in the aquarium, a place like the sea. Many creatures were displayed here and their world was built for people to view. People and fishes look at each other through the glass from two unrelated worlds. One thing happened and it echoed a similar situation for these two worlds. That is, a little boy got lost in the aquarium and his panic and helplessness were shown in front of another world, and the one who understood him best at the moment was trapped and swimming in the other side.


Author: Ernest Seton Thompson | Illustrator: Zhu Chengliang

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Adapted from American author Ernest Seton Thompson’s well-known animal fictions. Flame, the mother fox, was moving home with her two babies, while one of her babies was caught by hunter’s trap. As Flame tried to help her kid, The hunter’s dogs found her and just wouldn’t stop chasing her. How would she come up with ideas to help her baby escaping from the hunter? One wonderful adventure of love and courage, with movie-like colors.

New Waves of European Graphic Design

Author & editor: gaatii

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The European graphic design has been standing in the forefront of graphic design, which is admired and amazed by graphic designers around the world. Its bold, creative layout and unique processing on color and light are always the ideal target for designers to learn and research. New Waves of European Graphic displays the excellent works of designers from Europe. The form of projects included in the book are mainly physical materials, including posters, album cover, books, magazines, leaflets, cards, etc. The text focuses on the designer’s creative concept, design methods and ideas, materials and print finishes and other relative information. It will analyze in detail for the readers about the uniqueness of 60 European graphic designs from creativity to realization.

23 Different Types of Interior Design Styles for Your Home

By He Ling

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The book introduces 23 different types of interior design styles in detail.
Each style is equipped with exquisite hand-painted drawings. The painting style is warm and healing, with a strong sense of atmosphere, readers can find their favorite style at a glance.
The content is professional, the explanation is concise and easy to understand, and the key points are combed clearly. Each style explains the style characteristics, construction methods, key design elements, etc., which can enable readers to quickly grasp the atmosphere and key points of each style.


Author & illustrator: Tatsuya Miyanishi

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No matter where a zoo locates, pandas are always super stars. They always put on nice smells and meet tourists’ requests. But that day, this panda felt tired, he didn’t want to be panda anymore! He found a rabbit, painted him white and black, but tourists soon found out. He then found a pig, an elephant, and an unexpected big fella…Will their plan work out?