Adelaida’s Nest

Discover the Heartwarming Friendship in Adelaida’s Nest – A Captivating Children’s Book

This beautifully illustrated children’s book, written and illustrated by Zaida Marín, tells the tale of a woman named Adelaida and a baby swallow she discovers one day while out shopping. Adelaida takes the bird in and raises it, learning all about swallows and their habits along the way. As the bird grows, Adelaida realizes it needs a nest, and she comes up with a creative solution that leads to a unique friendship between her and the bird.

This touching story of love, kindness, and friendship will captivate readers of all ages and leave them feeling uplifted and inspired. Join Adelaida and her feathered friend on their incredible journey in Adelaida’s Nest.

这部绘本由西班牙插画家Zaida Marín创作,讲述了一个名叫阿德莱达的女孩,她在购物回家的路上,偶然发现了一只掉落下来的燕子宝宝的故事。阿德莱达将它带回家,并开始了她与这只小燕子一起成长的旅程。在这段旅程中,阿德莱达学会了如何照顾小燕子、了解它们的生活习性,以及如何为它们营造一个舒适的生活环境。