Song of the Moon

Experience the warmth and comfort of an award-winning picture book with Song of the Moon.

Winner of the Ananas Grand Prix at the 2022 BIBF Ananas International Illustration Awards, this heart-warming and calming bedtime story is perfect for little ones. The stunning illustrations, created in the Chinese ink painting style, are filled with intricate details to capture your imagination.

The book takes you on an unforgettable journey with the moon, exploring the different emotions and meanings that it holds in Chinese traditional culture. As the first-person narrator, the moon guides you through the story, while a father reads the same story to his little girl in the opening. At the end, the little girl falls asleep and enters a wonderful dreamland, surrounded by the comforting presence of the moon.

Song of the Moon reminds us that the moon is always there to provide us with comfort and support.

"The exquisite watercolors combine perfectly with the collage, and the monochromatic background is harmoniously mixed with the colorful elements. An interesting arrangement based on diagonal or geometric rhythm. The picture is simple in color, but full of true feelings. Each illustration is a visual adventure for the viewer."
-- Maria Luisa Borsarelli Senior Publisher, Foreign Rights Manager, Diego Publishing

"The work is recognizable for its style, childlike and imaginative. The story is told in jumpy graphic symbols. The combination of formal and technical language is well developed and the images have a strong aesthetic interest and narrative."
-- A Geng  Chinese illustrator, Vice President of the School of Fine Arts, Guangxi Arts Institute


——资深出版人,迪亚哥出版公司外国版权经理  玛丽亚·路易莎·博尔萨雷利

——中国知名绘本漫画家、广西艺术学院美术学院副院长  潘丽萍(阿梗)