The Secret in the Zoo

Original Title

Text & illustrations by
Huang Yiwen

Complex Chinese

Picture Book




Simplified Chinese

Get ready for an unforgettable trip to the zoo!

This enchanting picture book takes you on a journey with Hong Xiaomao, who discovers a mysterious and unexpected encounter in a secluded corner of the park.

Follow along to see what surprises and warmth this classic fairy tale transformation of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ will bring to your zoo visit.

Selected for the 2022 Bologna Illustrators Exhibition

This is the very first trip to the zoo, which was full of expectations, but it quickly takes a turn for the worse as unsettling situations begin to occur.

The young boy, Hong Xiaomao, starts noticing clues that his parents have overlooked, such as strange glances, paw prints, and disappearing animals. It seems that danger is approaching step by step, and Xiaomao realizes that he is being followed by some kind of animal. But why?

As Xiaomao wanders into a secluded corner of the zoo, he experiences an unforgettable encounter that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. What will happen to Xiaomao on this trip, and what secrets does he share with the elusive animal that follows him?

The story is complemented by a dynamic and visually rich illustration style that uses collage and mixed media to create a multi-layered world that draws readers in. With its suspenseful atmosphere and surprising twists, this book will keep children of all ages engaged from beginning to end.