Original Title

Text by
愚一(Yu Yi)

Illustrations by
王祖民(Wang Zumin)

Simplified Chinese

Picture Book


21世纪出版社(21st Century Publishing House)

Duck’s new neighbor is a hen. However, ever since the hen moved in, the duck has been irritated by a constant knock on the wall. The duck wishes to request that the hen stop knocking on the wall. However, he is concerned that the hen will misinterpret it because he is unfamiliar with the hen. So he approaches the cat for assistance. The cat, on the other hand, does not want to offend the hen. As a result, he allowed the goose to assist him in telling the hen. The goose seeks assistance from the frog, and the frog seeks assistance from the pigeon… Will the hen eventually get the message?

Special Mention: 2023 Bologna Ragazzi Award Fiction category

What the jury said:
This is a strange and humorous book with strong cover art and painterly illustrations. Told through a host of colourful animals bursting with character and personality and a good sense of absurd, Thump! Thump! Thump! (knock knock knock) is a book about neighborliness, friendship, preconceptions, and communication with a mischievous plot twist. It has a simple storyline based on the structure of the traditional children’s game where a message is whispered from one to another until it has been shared to everyone in the group. While the page layout is classical, the style of the illustration evokes the Art Brut movement. The artist makes good use of space and colour on each page, creating strong individual portraits, and everyone gets the opportunity to be the hero of the story, starting from the lady hens, the new neighbor.



“这本书的内容新奇幽默,封面设计具有强烈的视觉冲击,插图独具特色。通过一群个性鲜明的动物角色、恰到好处的幽默感以及诙谐的反转情节,讲述了一个关于邻里关系、友情、成见和沟通的故事。故事情节的展开方式很像一个传统的儿童游戏,在游戏中孩子们通过耳语的方式传递一条消息,直到参与游戏的每个人都收到了这条讯息。画家充分利用每一面的空间和色彩,创造出了令人印象深刻的角色形象,从新来的邻居母鸡开始,书中的每个角色都是故事的主角。该书的排版遵循传统模式,但呈现出的插图的整体风格,令人联想到“Art Brut(原生艺术)”,为推动情节的发展发挥了不可或缺的作用。”——博洛尼亚童书奖评委