Today Waits for Tomorrow

Today Waits for Tomorrow

Author: Cao Wenxuan
Illustrator: Dusan Kallay

Hardcover, 48 Pages, Age 3+
Citic, 2023

World Rights available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


Trees await the arrival of birds, sailboats await the arrival of sailors, war horses await the arrival of horsemen, cherries await the arrival of spring, children await the arrival of their mothers to breastfeed, today awaits the arrival of tomorrow… A poem in which the main melody is the rhythm of life.

Using parallel montage to weave countless moving moments of life to paint a majestic and complete picture of life, different images are like switching movie shots one by one. There is conception, birth, growth, and death; there is war and freedom; there is work and harvest; and there is a more fateful cycle.

A poem with the rhythm of life as the main theme opens up the life education of love.

About the Author
Cao Wenxuan grew up in rural China and is now a professor of Chinese literature and children’s literature. He is the author of several celebrated books for young readers, including the novel Bronze and Sunflower, which received three starred reviews. His fluid, poetic prose depicts honest, sometimes raw, and often melancholy moments of life. He has also received significant recognition for his academic research and teaching in the field of children’s literature, and he was the first Chinese author to win the Hans Christian Andersen Author Award.


繪者:Dusan Kallay




不同的意象像一個個切換的電影鏡頭,用平行蒙太奇的方法將無數生命動人瞬間羅列織接描繪出一幅磅礴而完整的生命畫卷。有生命的孕育、誕生、成長和結束; 有理想和愛情;有戰爭和自由;有勞作與豐收;更有命運的迴圈往復。






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