What Can a Hippopotamus Be?

What Can a Hippopotamus Be?

Author: Mike Thaler
Illustrator: Li Zhuoying

Hardcover | 40 pages | age 6+ | The Magic Elephant Books | June 2022

World rights available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


What can a hippo be? Fireman? Sailor? Courier? Painter? … Hippo has tried many careers. Although he failed many times, he is always full of confidence. The road to growth seems to become clearer after failing over and over again. Hippo not only knows how to try but also knows how to relax. After countless attempts, he gives himself a vacation and lies down comfortably. Will he think about his past failures or what he is really good at and likes to do?

About the Illustrator

Li Zhuoying, picture book writer. Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and St. Joost School of Art & Design in the Netherlands. Published picture books include How the Princess Digged Booger, I’m a Soybean Today, Someday in the Future. How the Princess Digged Booger was selected in the special exhibition of “Chinese Children’s Books” at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair, and won the honorary title of “Top 10 Children’s Books of the Year” in Shenzhen Reading Month in 2016; I am a Soybean Today was selected as the Recommended works of the 7th Feng Zikai Children’s Picture Book Award.


作者:麥克·泰勒(Mike Thaler)




  • 充滿童趣和幽默的文字與畫面相互呼應,開放式結尾值得讀者一讀再讀。
  • 只要不急不躁面對困難並堅持下去,終會找到自己的位置。



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