Yu Lu Linen (The Magic Canvas)

Yu Lu Linen (The Magic Canvas)

Text by Cao Wenxuan
Illustration by Suzy Lee

Language: Chinese
Hardcover, 42 pages, age 4+
Jieli, June 2020

Rights sold: 
World English, World French, Korean, Spanish (Chile), Portuguese (Brazil). Italian.

English translation available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.

Dad wanted his daughter, Uro, to become a painter. In dad's view, Uro is a genius without doubt. According to dad's wishes, Uro began to draw a self-portrait on canvas material that the famous painter Seo Chang ordered before passing away. However, the next day……  the self-portrait became a mess, with paints running down. Uro drew again and again several times, but the result was the same. Will Uro be able to complete the self-portrait?

    About the Author

    Cao Wenxuan grew up in rural China and is now a professor of Chinese literature and children’s literature. He is the author of several celebrated books for young readers, including the novel Bronze and Sunflower, which received three starred reviews. His fluid, poetic prose depicts honest, sometimes raw, and often melancholy moments of life. He has also received significant recognition for his academic research and teaching in the field of children’s literature, and he was the first Chinese author to win the Hans Christian Andersen Author Award.
    Suzy Lee studied painting and book art in Korea and Britain. She graduated with a BFA in Painting from Seoul National University and earned an MA in Book Arts in 2001 from Camberwell College of Arts in London. 
    Her picture books have been published in many countries and are highly acclaimed by critics and loved by readers. She has won Korean Publishing Culture Awards, The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books Award, and the Boston Globe–Horn Book Award (Honor). The books she has written and illustrated include Shim Chung; River; Lines; Mirror; Wave; Shadow; and The Zoo. Lee has also illustrated for books, including Dream of Becoming Water; This Beautiful Day; and Open This Little Book. Currently, she is participating in the Vacance Project and running Hintoki Press. 
    She is the winner of 2022 Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration.
    * Learn more about her at www.suzyleebooks.com

    • 2016年國際安徒生獎作家獎得主曹文軒、和2022年國際安徒生獎插畫獎得主蘇西•李攜手創作
    • 一位天才少女畫家與一幅油畫布之間的衝突與和解
    • 帶有魔幻色彩的現實主義繪本,助力孩子突破成長瓶頸
    • 強烈的木炭線條和鮮亮配色,打造清新而獨特的藝術之作
    • 在成長的路上,能打敗你的只有你自己,獻給所有堅持夢想並為之努力的孩子們