I Am A Soybean Today

I Am A Soybean Today

Author     : Li Yuan
Illustrator: Li Zhuoying

Chinese, 40p, age 2-4
Magic Elephant Books, December 2020

All rights available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


The girl Anan doesn’t want to go to bed, so her mom starts to play imagination games with her. The game begins with an imaginary soybean. The soybean takes root and sprouts, and then it blossoms and bears fruits, followed by various foods
made by soybean. Anan and her mom enjoy this game. The whole game displays children’s imagination and creativity, as well as a relaxing bedtime.

  • Humorous and exaggerated illustrations bring children honest, open and creative way of thinking.
  • A childlike bedtime story based on daily moments brings joy of childhood.

About the Author

Li Zhuoying
Picture book writer. Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and St. Joost School of Art & Design in the Netherlands. Published picture books include How the Princess Digged Booger, Today I’m a Soybean, One Day in the Future. How the Princess Digged Booger was selected in the special exhibition of “Chinese Children’s Books” at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair, and won the honorary title of “Top 10 Children’s Books of the Year” in Shenzhen Reading Month in 2016; Today I am a Soybean was selected as the Recommended works of the 7th Feng Zikai Children’s Picture Book Award.






  • 插畫幽默誇張,帶給孩子坦誠、開放、富有創意的思維方式。
  • 一本富有童真力量的晚安書,立足生活的點滴細節,發現童年的無限樂趣。


圖畫書作家,動畫專業碩士,畢業於廣州美術學院及荷蘭聖尤斯特藝術學院。 圖畫書作品有《公主怎麼挖鼻屎》《今天我是一粒黃豆》《溜達雞》《從前有個筋鬥雲》《兩個小妖精抓住一個老和尚》《將來有一天》等。 其中《公主怎麼挖鼻屎》入選2016 年法蘭克福書展「中國孩子的書香世界」專題展覽,獲得2016年深圳讀書月「年度十大童書」榮譽稱號; 《今天我是一粒黃豆》入選第七屆豐子愷兒童圖畫書獎推薦作品。

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