My Little Stool

My Little Stool

Author     : Mei Zihan
Illustrator: Yayo Kawamura

English/Chinese, 44p, age 2-4
Magic Elephant Books,2022 upcoming

All rights available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.


My little stool is my best friend and my best toy. It is a car, a train, and sometimes a plane. Sitting on it, I can go far away! My parents come and join in.

  • A parent-child book for interactive games: playing with children, making daily necessities at home perfect props for parent-child games.
  • Enlighten children’s imagination and make things extraordinary.

About the Author

Mei Zihan Children’s literature writer, professor of Shanghai Normal University, member of China Writers Association. Author of Daughter’s Story, Dai Xiaoqiao and His Buddies series, Sparrow and other children’s literature works, as well as Reading Children’s Literature, Believe in Fairy Tales, Green Light and other proses, essays and children’s literature theory books. He is a college professor who writes stories for children, a writer who writes stories to make people laugh, and an adult who likes listening to children telling stories.

Yayo Kawamura grew up in Tokyo and studied design communications. She currently lives in Germany with her families. Influenced by Eastern and Western cultures, her works have strong personal characteristics. Dozens of her picture books have been introduced to countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Spain. She once collaborated with Mr. Mei Zihan in the book Who is the Tallest.






  • 親子遊戲書: 只要父母給孩子多一點陪伴, 家裡的日常用品紛紛變成親子遊戲道具。
  • 想像力啟蒙書:把平凡事物變特別,用想像力打開世界。



川村八夜 (Yayo Kawamura)