Seven Buttons

Seven Buttons

Author: Qiao Ye
Language: Chinese
268pp, 140,000 words count
Yilin Press, August 2021

All rights available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.

  • The latest novel by Liu Ye, Lu Xun Literature Award winner.
  • Exploring human nature with delicate strokes, a panorama of middle aged life.
  • Retrieving enthusiasm for the future from the trivialities of life.
Many have complained that in middle age, the expectations of life are diminished by daily trifles, and that the impassioned idealism of youth has shed its edge due to the complexity of human nature--a common dilemma faced by all human beings. However, the author reveals that after experiencing all, what are kept can be peace and freedom instead of stagnant water.

This book is a new collection, which contains seven novels set in seven ordinary occasions in life: bathing an elderly mother, hiking with an old lover, attending a dinner party with an unfamiliar person, and taking a photo with a son who’s about to leave home. The details of life are condensed into memories and conversations, giving immersive experiences of exhaustion, joy and disappointment. Through the author's light brushstrokes, life's flavors unfold their layers between the lips and tongue, allowing people to admit its bitterness, but also taste its mellow, quenching the momentary thirst and anxiety.

The middle-aged often feel lonely, and respond with numbness. This book inspires us that there are people in this world who share our loneliness and walk with us on the bumpy road of life.

About the Author

Born in 1972, Qiao Ye grew up in the village of Henan province. She was awarded several heavyweight literary prizes in China, including the Lu Xun Literary Award, Zhuang Chong Literary Award, Chinese Literature Media Award, Beijing Literature Award, People's Literature Award, and Novel Selection Annual Award. Some of her representative works are "The slowest thing is to live", "The confession of guilt", "The book of hidden pearls", and essay collections such as "Waking up late at night" and "Walking away from God", which have been introduced to many countries, including Britain, Spain, Russia, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Japan, and Korea. Now she holds the post of the vice chairman of Henan Writers' Association and professional writer of Beijing Lao She Literary Institute. 



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