Author: Yu Feng
Language: Chinese
318pp, 180,000 words count
Yilin Press, November 2021

All rights available.

Handling territories:
World exclude China.

  • A novelist experienced in diving who was graduated from the commercial department.
  • Two-line narratives, diving and love are unexpectedly so similar.
This book is the latest novel of the new writer Yu Feng, which tells the story of the hero, Xin Qing, in a two-line parallel.

The first line is the love story of Xin Qing and the heroine, Pu Tian Cui. The two met in high school and entered the same university, but after working together, they grew apart: Xin Qing, who became a secretary, became more and more cautious, creating an unbridgeable conflict with Pu Tian Cui, who wanted a better future. He is forced to admit that al the dreams he had as a student are vulnerable to the cold reality.

The second line narrates Xin Qing's trip to Indonesia to learn diving to escape a state of muddle after the departure of Pu Tian Cui. As an advanced diver, the author describes the whole process of learning to dive in detail. Diving to 70 meters underwater, one experiences ecstasy in nitrogen intoxication and at the same time, the fear of death. Yet he chooses to dive and in the process, Xin Qing comes to understand the deep dive and suspension of life.

The dual narrative style of alternating chapters, the magnificent writing style of Yu Feng through the coldness, the absurd plot and the real experience all give a novel reading experience. Reading this book is also like a dive into the author's world, into Xin Qing's heart, reflecting with him on our selves and pondering on all kinds of things in the world underwater.

About the Author

Born in Shanghai, Yu Feng is mainly known as a novelist. He received master's degree from HEC Paris , and now is also an advanced diver of PADI. Some of his long stories, including Jingan 1970, Hollyhock 1987, Parisian Flying Fish and Nighttime Patrol, are published in famous national literary journals, such as Contemporary, Flower City, October and People's Literature. The focus of his works is the city life in Beijing, Shanghai and Paris.


  • 商學院畢業的擅長潛水的小說家
  • 雙線敘事,潛水與戀愛竟如此相似
第一條線為辛青與女主人公蒲恬岫的戀愛故事。 二人相識於高中,又考入同一所大學,卻在工作后逐漸生出嫌隙:成為秘書的辛青越發地謹小慎微,與渴望更好的未來的蒲恬岫之間產生了難以彌合的矛盾。 他不得不承認,原來學生時代的種種暢想,在冰冷的現實面前竟如此不堪一



PADI 高階潛水夫,巴黎高等商學院碩士。著有長篇小說《靜安 1976 》《蜀葵 1987 》《巴黎飛魚》《夜巡》等,作品發表於《當代》《花城》《十月》《人民文學》等國內知名文學刊物,多描寫巴黎、上海及北京的城市人生。