World History for Children (8 titles)

Original Title
儿童世界历史绘本 全8册

Text & illustrations by 
Hong Hong Luo Bo


February 2022

“A Glance at 5,000 Years of World Civilization”: uncover the secrets of the evolution of diverse civilizations. Featuring Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, the United States, Japan, and India, this series highlights over 200 pivotal events that have shaped the world, including the Mongolian invasion of Kiev Rus, the American Civil War, and the Glorious Revolution in the UK.

Get to know nearly 100 influential figures in history, such as Peter the Great, George Washington, Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon, Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, and Mahatma Gandhi. With more than 1,500 hand-drawn illustrations, vivid depictions of people, grand historical scenes, and meticulous attention to clothing and architecture capture the cultural characteristics of different countries.

History is presented in a fun and engaging way for children with quizzes, timelines, and other supplementary materials.

This series is backed by extensive research and high levels of authority, with input from numerous renowned historians.


内容主创团队: 红红罗卜,以儿童科普类绘本创作为主,涵盖地理、 历史、科学、人文等多个领域 。已陆续出版套系绘本《漫画世界科技简史》《这样学地理才好玩!跟我看中国》《这样学历史才好玩!我们的发明他们的发明》。

专家审定团队: 中国社会科学院世界历史研究所研究员秦海波; 中国德国史研究会副会长、湖南师范大学教授罗衡林; 北京师范大学教授郭家宏; 华中师范大学教授王立新; 武汉大学副教授蒋焰; 华中师范大学副教授詹娜; 安徽师范大学副教授林生海; 北京大学助理教授庄宇; 安徽师范大学讲师赵辛阳